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i love monday and tuesdays because i always make them speciallll

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hey babes draggin yaself to work booooo its such a nice day today too, be nice to stay home read a book or maybe indulge in some PORN STAR EXPERIENCE. lol. i reckon you could go to work then indulge. I think thats the ultimate then no guilt and ALL plrasure or if you a perosn who doesnt feel guilt, f it! ha. lets just indulge!

I do my monday special today and it carries onto tuesday as well its exclusive to scarlet blue members only 400 hour for gfe or pse whatever is your vibe.

I do have a new number its 0487509379, send me a text and hopfullly we can work out a time, only doing 3 bookings today so lets make YOU on pf them and we can have some fun!

we can meet in the city first or i can come straight to you.

I also do my week day 30 mins 250 gfe, 300 pse, and just a uber there and back on outcall! thanks babes!! xxxxx

cant wait to meet you xxxxVivian V - monday WILL HAVE A NEW MEANING - `PSE PSE PAMPER BODY SLIIIIIIIDES ha xxx I could be your receptionist today instead? 'hello"

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