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Hobart im excited to come see you and your dark and dangerous thoughts

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Hey babes vivian here and this diary is for YOU HOBART and west moonah where im staying.

Ill be in town friday morning. At this point i think im booked out friday and saturday, I may still have one spot on friday so just text to find out,

I'm now staying until Wednesday morning, so if ya keen for a monday ot tuesday playyy then by all means.

I was also going to put it out there if anyone is more into the company dinner date style gf experience im offering two people to come with me to the dark and dangerous thoughts talks at MONA on either (so two people can take advantage of this) saturday or sunday and play after. I'm doing a SB vivian profile follower exclusive offer which includes a ticket to either sat or sun dark and dangerous thoughts lectures with me and a 2 hour fun play later - if you come with me saturday we have to do the play sunday night or monday night because i am booked out on saturday. but spread out could be nice!

If you are interested dont hesitate to text me now and ask more about it and if you do follow me log onto my specials section for more details.

Im also doing a special im giving away a 4 hour booking in exchange for things i NEED. Im so bad at buying the right things for myself that I win more if I get you to buy them and do a great 4 hour booking or 2 times 2 hours in excchange. its neever going to exceed the booking cost of course which makes it speical but the help of getting the thing i actually need is soooo worth it for me and so its win/win! ha - check out my specials section for more details on that too!

Im stayiing in this beautiful house in west moonah with a juke box and pink bathroom in front of the mountains. Looks great. i cant wait to come seems very peaceful and a lovely getaway

text me now to make a booking for a soecial or for a regular booking.


Vivian V


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