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Its was one of my newest but most dearest friend Chloe Sexy AF babe's Bday yesterday. HAPPPY BDAY MR CHLOE PRESIDENT

She is a huge inspiration to me atm, she is an amazing artist in styling photoshoots and has an amazing fun energy that you miss alot when she is gone. so come back Chloe!!
She's tall skinny dream cat walk model body with the emotional intelligence I only dreamt of having when I was her age 4 years ago and forever just getting on with life with meaning and beauty. I love her and im about to make her the best fun baby gangster cake ha. She will be taking pictures tomorrow to go on our new BDSM BI DOUBLES CHOOSE YOUR OWN FANTASY website. yasssss can't wait for latex parties. I will always sub in these bookings and Mistress Harlet will dominatrix and you can choose. Telll me your fantasy and let us live in our for you COMPLETELY AND SATISFYINGLY.

We will tour Tasmania jan 9-19. Both solo and doubles bookings

Im also teaming up with my half sister HARLOW to do our fun PSE PARTY SEEING DOUBLE DOUBLES. We will bring life to any party and give you the sister bestie fantasy you have always wanted, we Bring poles and do dancing, then you can choose from ALL MILLION of out extras between us to make you feel you are in an actual porn movie. DOUBLE DOUBLE UH OH WE ARE TROUBLE Harlow and Vivian V. We both have worked at Gotham, kittens and been in penthouse magazine. Book us this week with the special intro price which will go up after we put our profile up next week so get in while we only virgins. hehe

Harlow and Harlett are two of my best friends amazing beautiful sexy women who command attention while in the presence of a room full of people but are forever sticking by their friends and women in general and this makes them also love and appreciate men. And even though we all are straight and love men sexually, the touch and look of a female being fucked turns me and my friends on because we love and appreciate beautiful women satisfying out men. I love this women and they also inspire me.

Last is my bff jethro, he is a big inspiration. At the age of 18 or 19 he just up and flew to London on a whim no help from anyone and decided a business goal and he achieved it with such integrity and independence and alot of criticism. But this made him go harder and he featured firstly in very feminine cat walk shows wearing tutus for underground designer brands and wearing make up in ad campaigns, being introduced to the industry by his then girlfriend. Jethro has a well know musician father who everyone always thought did everything or him but its the opposite. And I really respect Jethro's tough skin for having to deal with so much petty hate. But wit that he also got alot of love! Eventually modelling for versace (Donatello versace came on to him. im so jealous) and balenciaga, Notably doing an amazingly hot campaign back here for general pants and Diesel. His dad would come to one or two shows to support him but they were never close but it didn't matter, jethro had his own drive and plan and he executed it with integrity and a smart sense of creativity and marketing. I really look up to jethro like a big brother even if I mostly feel like his big sister in some ways. Either way its nice when the people around you are so smart and successful.

I have always made an effort to surround myself with my idols, who are my friends and inspire my life so much in everything I do. LOVE YOU CHLOE BARENOT, JETHRO CAVE AND MISTRESS HARRIET,

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