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Gold Coast time Thursday night only

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Hey babes

So I’ll definitely be in une Gold Coast on Thursday night and then Bris Friday night, Sunday all day and Monday morning potentially. But I gott leave Monday because I’ve started pole dancing classes in melb and I won’t feel achieved if I miss one. Ha.

It’s a lucrative skill and the start of my fitness again. Hi fitness you stranger! This is a big year of renewal for me and that means maybe some pain but pain is gooooooood. I mean not in bookings lol, but I’m life it’s what makes us smarter and we broaden our horizons and we meet new people we wouldn’t otherwise meet and voila our lives have changed and if I’m doing positive things I usually get positive and things back. I feel ultra privledged in so many ways on a daily basis I try to focus on that and not dwell on the bad but the bad can take over - negative bias - survival tool past through by evolution and it’s actually kinda unneeded as much in this day and age, but I understand why we might need it you can’t just give all your trust to someone straight away trust is Earnt. But this flight or fight stuff, take it away Darwin god!

Anywho love ya xxx see you Thursday GC and Friday BRisbane

Pre bookings are getting a 2 hour special offered otherwise prices as seen ony blue profile

Lovvvvvving it all especially sienna from playboy Australia #babe

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