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Gold Coast I'll see you Wednesdsy night ! Can't wait

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Hello Gold Coast I freaking love you and finally get a small taste for 2 nights only !
Pre book now for a special treat and special xxx 0424019748

But I'm hoping to be back by may 21 for a week. But with my crazy life who knows bit that is the plan at this point.

Until then though I'm definitely all yours Wedneaday and Thursday xx I'll be in southport

Also good news the sun herald are giving me a platform and I'm going to Hopwfully id all goes to plan get to support and empower many women and men in DV situations and let them know they don't have to be. And the court is taking it extremely seriously (finally) and you can get jail time for very minor charges.

I'll update ya but it's a bitter sweet end ..

But I want to make my last leg of tour a sweet one that's why I'm ending he in the beautiful Gold Coast luxvvvvvvvvvxxxxxxxviviAn Vxxxxxxxxx 0424019748 text me with ya name Ana what you like sexually and date and time. Incall /outcall and I'll get back or you ASAP

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