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Drawing a comparison between hooking and drake #hustler #magazine #jewluv

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Does sum up my job in one sense - last year I listened to drake's "if you're reading this it's too late" album over and over all winter because he pretty much raps about being a hooker. But he's noone and he's not rappin about that but I guess the rap game and sex game pretty similar lol idk.

Good album cant actually ever listen to it again now ha. But if you haven't I recommend plus see him live I nearly didn't and my awesome client gave me tickets (I have the best clients) and I nearly stabbed myself for not buying them ! He was very damn good live. Hard to explain why but I think it was because he just by himself owned the stage straight up. Lil drake doing his Thang. Lol

I'm still in brisbane and its sunrise at 6am. I always love watching the sunrise but it only happens if I stayed up all night because if I'm asleep I'm not getting up before 9am naturally ha. Nooooo boooooo hate

I'll have an inappropriately long bath and then I'm going to hopefully meet one or two of you bris babes again tonight! I'm more inclined to work sunday morning and through the day though so if ya find yourself horny on any sunday namely this Sunday or any sunday in melb, you can pretty much guarantee I'm working but it is my busiest day of the week so pre book.

And another thing, what's going on with these guys who get suss when I ask for a $50 deposit ? Lol. I mean a, it's 50 dollars, if I was the type to ghost clients which I'm not, the most I'm getting is $50??? That's sad

B. Im pretty much dedicating my life to this industry business wise I'm not about to ruin my reputation by stealing $50. Ha. Ya know?

And the thing Is if I was consequently was doing that I doubt scarlet blue would keep me on their site. They also wouldn't want that bad rep. So it all good it's just showing me you locking it in. Just like most businesses that sell a product really.

Just thought I'd express that

Also I do have a cancellation policy in my sole trader business reg that it's $100 if you cancel within 2 hours however, you can then use that as a deposit if you actually want to book in future. So you not really losing it in that case. Voila.

Sex worker and problem solver ha

Well hopefully meet some more cool bris guys tonight or COUPLES - CAnt wait xxxvivian v

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