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been reading the poetry of suge knight i highly recommend it

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I get tired of talking about hooking so I'm going to talk about Death Row Records. 100% Suge Knight's poetry is very beautiful.

I love hip hop and Death Row and Suge Knight encompasses all that is and that represents the genre. Tu Pac's lyrics are why I love hip hop. Its passionate and amazing black hip hop artists like Tu Pac actually have something really important to say and Tu Pac and Suge Knight were the most blunt about the worlds they came from. Definitely no glorifying of the world they had come from and the damage it had done to them as people. They were just a product of the environment thrust upon them at that time.

I don't blame Suge Knight for becoming a sadist, I went through very little as a child in comparison but I developed sadistic qualities from what I did experience. On that note what Suge Knight became I look on as beautiful because its a very important cultural lesson and protest towards a cause that seems we will never over come as a species, racism.

Modern Death Row see's the fucking HOT and charming "frank sinatra of hip hop" Freddie Gibbs takes the reigns and he's doing Death Row proud but the passion of Tu Pac will rarely be replicated in music, i hear it in the Weeknd's music sometimes and Always Lana Del Rey but she likes to hide the meaning of her protest within a body of art she is creating that is highly abstract,but also highly honest which is overally simple and this can also conduse the masses, funnily enough. Lana either makes you think or you can just think shes pretty and pass her by..... her latest single is her best work to date.... (but we can get to that later).

Tu pac was completly himself, rarely pre-meditated, he just had alot to say about the state of the culture and he said it STRAIGHT and Suge knight was completely himself and it wasn't always pretty but as I said , pretty you will just pass by.... Suge Knight made people think! And when I say made, i mean force might have been used once or twice in his case heh.

I'm going to continue this stream of thought on the music I love soon......
in the meantime this is the picture of ANGEL i promised last entry and forgot to deliver lol. We avail for doubles this weekend bi or straight and we also avail solo text me to make a booking we can meet you in southbank first or come straight to you! xxxx

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