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I think the free masons own this joint. It’s becomong sinister

If we doing over night bookings from now on, let’s go for Adelphi. Looks cute.

So here I am again at the park Hyatt I go to the gym here now so I’m here even more but the spa here is Suxh a peaceful place it’s worth it. I need a peaceful getaway in this job. Sometimes you just always feel wanted. And it can drive you insane. Plus i always put a lot of pressure on myself which doesn’t help.

Learning to be a private escort has been quite a journey, I love it but at the same time I want to prioritise my other loves this year coming including friends and study so I need to work that one out. Hopefully my financial advisor can advise me on This ha

So I’ve decided to slowly go back into stripping, her fit, a tiny boob altercation ha and back in da club. Hoping this time to work for centrefold and in the Gold Coast. I’m doing pole class so I’m going to get very skilled before I even think about re starting. Should be fun and in action by August. And once I get through this semi unstable part of my life I’m going to start helping other girls again enter the private industry. Might even invest in a business or bitcoin haha. 20 grand for one at the moment lolol. Word on the street is, wait til next year...:

I’m saving to buy an apartment, plan is to save 2000 a week and in a year get a loan for a place in the city. Which is a bad investment but It’s where I want to live, little Bourke st or little Collins or little flinders. I like the little ones. Haha. Little Bourke is my fave tho. Beautiful street.

So I’m working all over xmas not xmas eve or day but will be avail all other dates.

27th to jan 10 I’ll be in bris and GC so if you will be too don’t hesitate to give me a bell preferably via text and work out a date! Have some summer time 2018 fun. I usually stay at south brisbane just near the art gallery and on GC just in surfers or mermaid. I love th GC and brisbane men were the best last time I was there. Super cool.

Well anyway I’m going to 7 eleven check out my Insta vivian_versacevvv for regular updates and all that

Happy new year babes xxxviv

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