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Another bloody blog post about mindfulness

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Mindfulness is almost a staple in a successful persons daily routine. Now I have to admit it's been a while since I properly took the time out lay down and actually do it. I do go to the steam room and not take my phone and try a little but I find that little parts opens my mind up to the now so easy it's almost scary.

Who am I right this second? Now you all think in on hallucinations or something now ha, but if you haven't done it in a while it can be an uncomfortable experience.

I just did it and had about 5 reality checks in which were... Uncomfortable. But it's so important for me to keep it up because I gotta get used to the uncomfortable, it's in the uncomfortable we learn in my belief.

Just as I know from a statistical point of view that we learn more from the differences not from the norm. It's a similar idea.

The path least travelled will he stary and ay may be it won't lead us anywhere (however there are obvious healthy paths to chose and unhealthy) but what I know for sure about the path least travelled is..... Ill learn. And to me that is second Meaning of life to giving.

I had this horrible man who was angry at me for something I didn't do my client used my phone and hired a escort and apparently ghosted her. So he's abusing me, calling me a junkie and saying he heard this and that, I bite back whatever same old story nothing gets resolved. He was just trying to intimidate me because I'm probably annoyingly competition to his "escort business". It's very nasty and could work on younger less self esteem women, bad.

But I finished the argument and just carried on like nothing had happened but when I did mindfulness this afternoon I thought about it almost straight away and tbh that hate that he put on me I then started putting on others. Hate is a disease sometimes. Just like kindness it spreads if you spread it. So that was so amazing that mindfulness broght me to that conclusion. The art of just for 8 secomds being in the moment can give you a life changing wake up call.

So tonight I shall spread kindness! He it's actually not as easy as hate, hate almost comes naturally to humans. But I know what kindness means it means to me, forgiveness, because no one is perfect.

Dalai Versace ha

Anyway live from the sauna it's Vivian V

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