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Who is the "Girlfriend" behind your GFE?

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The enthralling world of sex work is often considered bizarrely compelling- think back to the first time you walked past a strange looking house with red neon lights flashing late at night and a glittery sign that couldn't be just a "house", staggered up the leopard print stairs of a strip club on your 18th birthday (the classic coming of age tale) or even somehow stumbled upon this very website or others like it. What even draws us in, as men, women, anyone at all, to a world that is so commonly sensationalised into stigma and negativity?

It's the feeling of knowing you're stepping your feet into something...I hate to be so brazen, but 'naughty' could be the only way to describe it. The media portrays bad hooker vs good hooker, a complex depiction I don't necessarily agree with. To be browsing Scarlet Blue, to be reading this diary, I know you're looking for something. What is that something?

Most commonly I have found clients to be seeking a Girlfriend Experience. What your perception of that means could be entirely different to someone else's. I've heard the jokes about whether my services include ironing shirts and nagging. Perhaps you already have a girlfriend at home. This is a world of fantasy- I play the character you want me to play, but more importantly, I want to play it, as it's my fantasy to please and pleasure you or even just to listen to you about your day. That's why I like my job. I get to be the girlfriend, a real life role I last played in 2015.

Have you realised yet that I have revealed almost nothing about me, the G followed by the FE? You have to save some mystery for inside a hotel room. I did just disclose that I'm single though, and you all keep asking me that.

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