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The Dream Wife Experience!

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I had the honour of helping one of my clients fulfill a fantasy of theirs the other evening. I was politely approached by a man who had seen some of my cooking creations on my instagram and expressed that he was interested in what he called a 1950s inspired “dream wife experience”. I’m absolutely passionate about cooking (and eating) so I was already all for it. We talked about some of the specifics and established boundaries, and came to an agreement on an appropriate fantasy fee as well as some specific instructions for me to follow to make his wishes come true.

He left a spare key out for me so that I could arrive before he got home from work, get the roast going and set the table. When he arrived I was wearing nothing but high heels, stockings, and an apron (for safety ;D). I hung up his jacket, brought him over to the table, and poured him a glass of scotch with one ice cube. He wanted me then and there, but I cheekily slapped his hands away and told him he wasn't allowed dessert until after dinner. ESPN was on the TV and he got to relax and take a shower as I made the finishing touches on dinner and served it up with another glass of scotch.

After cleaning up, I gave him a shoulder rub, kissed the back of his neck and then things heated up as he bent me over the table and had me for dessert. As the night continued I found it very rewarding to take care of him physically, emotionally and sexually, especially as he was so kind and appreciative. We got busy again in the spa, and then took it to the bed and after our passionate lovemaking came to a wondrous climax he was so relaxed he fell right asleep almost right away, just a few minutes into last week’s episode of Survivor. The next morning, bacon and eggs were waiting for him and we shared a passionate moment in the kitchen before he went to work with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

It was a new and interesting experience, and I can definitely see the appeal! Whether you’re working long hours in a high stress environment and need a little pampering, or have been single for some time and want some familiar feeling company, I can fully understand why this may be a fantasy for some. In our talks beforehand the client and I discussed how this was purely a dream for him and was not something he expected from women, and I felt fully confident that I would be treated with respect and appreciation while it was happening. I feel as though both of us enjoyed every minute of our time together and we’ve arranged to do it again in the near future.

If this is an experience you feel you would enjoy, definitely get in touch and let’s make it happen for you!

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