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Thank you for the warm welcome, SB!

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It has been a wonderful first month here on Scarlet Blue. My phone is constantly buzzing, I’ve met many wonderful lovers and I’m 100% sure that going private was the right decision for me. 

I may be new around here, but I’ve been in the adult industry for four wacky and wonderful years as I’ve been completing my studies and exploring myself and my identity.

My first dip into the industry was as an exotic dancer in one of Melbourne’s delightful gentleman’s clubs. I established myself there for 3 years and poured a lot of love and dedication into perfecting my craft and learning about people, going from a shy, awkward, and quiet young girl, and blossoming into a confident, sassy (and generally still kind of awkward) woman.

In the meantime I explored other avenues of sex work, venturing into the licensed rub n tug industry on and off to try my hand and a more engaging and hands on pleasure experience. I’m still very proud of both my massage and hand skills which I was able to hone to perfection in that time.

As time went on I was encouraged by several of my coworkers to try out full service, as I was um-ing and ah-ing around the topic with my “oh, I don’t know”s and “But that’s such a big step up”s. They saw the potential in me that I didn’t at the time, and with their inspiration and assurances I made the leap and absolutely loved it. I tore up the floor in every establishment I worked in and had a lot of fun doing it.

After a year of working in some wonderful brothels, I felt ready to take the next leap. I felt there was nothing left for me to learn working for others and really wanted to test my skills in the private sector and prove to myself that I was responsible and intelligent enough to run my own business and turn my life in the direction I always wanted to take it.

Running a business is hard work. There are many unpaid hours that go into keeping things running smoothly, building a presence in the industry, and navigating safety and security. But every second I work is for me. Every dollar I make is mine. Every client interaction is more personal and intimate.

I know the future holds so many more twists and turns and opportunities for growth, but this is where I am meant to be right now. I am an independent sex worker, I am proud of it, and I love my job.

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