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A genuine girlfriend experience!

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There's a lot of fun to be had in a hour long quickie, however the reason I love extended bookings is that they really allow me to be at ease and enjoy the company of my clients. I get to do all of the little intimate things I enjoy, without the concern of time playing at the back of my mind.

My most recent booking was an overnight with a lovely and charming gentleman who was relaxed, kind and really made me feel happy and comfortable engaging in a very intimate girlfriend experience.

Sure there was sex (and lots of it!), but it wasn't pressured and it wasn't rushed. When you have time you really get to enjoy the experience and take it slow.

You get to punctuate the lovemaking with breaks for bedroom philosophy, cuddling, tv, pizza! Who doesn't love an episode of rick n morty, room service and hot and heavy petting before and after? A little bit of dick and morty! Netflix and thrill! Lip service and room service!

It's so damn refreshing being asked to bring my comfiest clothes and make sure I arrive hungry. It's wonderful being allowed to indulge my nerdy and geeky quirks. That is where an authentic and special girlfriend experience really has the chance to blossom.

I love my job and I love and appreciate my wonderful and generous clients!

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