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Hey Lovers.

I want to tell you about this feeling I have inside me. I've just finished a really beautiful Yoga class and I'm actually sitting here in a really deep state of calm blissfulness.
I feel REALLY good. I feel REALLY beautiful. Naturally.
In fact, I'm not even wearing any makeup or have my hair done and I feel more beautiful than I have in my life.

It's because REAL beauty comes from within.
I quite often get clients requesting that I wear stockings and stilettos. I get it, it's a visual thing.
If a man insists on it, then sure, I will wear it for him. I believe in honoring and pleasing my man when I am with him.

The truth is though, I would prefer to wear to our booking whatever I FEEL the most sexy in.

I would prefer to steer you away from the traditional imagery of 'sexuality'.

I would rather you walk away from our booking remembering how f*king hot I made you feel with our sex. With our connection.
That's more valuable to me then you walking away remembering what I wore.

Let me guarantee something to you though... Even if I'm wearing short shorts and a crop top, you know I am STILL going to look just as goddamn sexy as if i was in your requested stockings and stilettos.

My sexuality is like a fire within me. My sexuality is powerful and free and OOZES out of me from every cell.

Forget about what I'm wearing. Spend time with me and let me infect you with something deeper. Something more. Something that will connect with you right down to the depths of your core.

I'm on the eve of my Singapore tour and I am SO READY to meet all of my new clients.
Every new tour I approach with excitement. Curiosity.

Who will you be? What is it that's brought us together? How can I be of service to you, who is seeking something more?

My heart is so big. My sexuality is so big. I LOVE what I do and I love sharing this with you all (the ones who make it through my screening process ;) ).

My gift to you, is me.

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