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An unforgettable rendezvous.

I press my hand against the cold pane of glass as he pushes himself inside me, ramming me from behind.
Spank me I scream. Him, tentative at first but he does what I ask and I feel the edges of his arousal swelling as he lets himself go – grabbing my hair, slapping me harder. My juicy round backside pressed snugly against him, glowing with lusciousness and sexual softness.
My hand slides down the window staining the glass with smears of our passionate abandonment. Pressing my behind further, begging him to f*k me deeper. And deeper.
Baby I want to be your beautiful little wh*** I scream, looking down at the people on the street below dressed in their suits, unbeknown to us and our wild desire up here levels above them.
Pants around ankles thrown down in haste. Black stockings wrapping thick thighs. Body pressed to body. F*cking in pure unadulterated bliss.
A man looks up. Catching us in our coitus, staring guiltily. He lusts over our freedom.
There’s no shame here. We are living. We are passionate beings. F*cking like wild animals. We are completely free, completely in this moment. Completely ALIVE.
His c*k has never felt more enlarged within me than right now. His masculinity swelling inside as he bursts with excitement, my man. All over my back, branding me with his c*m.
We surrender to eachother and lay still, against the window. Complete.

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