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My inspiration for this came off the back off a 3-day booking with one of my VIP clients in Sydney recently.

The time we spent together was amazing. Everything just flowed perfectly, and the sex was mind-blowing. Naturally, I returned home feeling completely fulfilled. And not just the kind of ‘I’ve done a good job and had a nice time’ fulfillment.

I’m talking about the COMPLETE nourishment of the soul kind of fulfillment. I’m talking about the kind of connection that leaves you feeling lighter, freer and warmer within.
The more I think about it, the more I realise that this feeling is not uncommon for me. Infact, the majority of my bookings leave me feeling this kind of magic inside.

For me personally, I believe that THIS MAGIC is what it’s all about. If I could bottle it up and sell it I would buy a bloody island in the Bahamas!!
The thing is though, this ‘magic’ isn’t something tangible that you can buy.

This ‘magic’ comes from a connection. A chemistry. A DYNAMIC between two people.

I think about what it is that allows me to feel this kind of magic with my clients and my experiences.
On my end, I live and breathe the Tantric lifestyle. This keeps me well balanced and brimming with good energy and lots of sexy juiciness. On another day, I will share with you some of the things I get up to in my day to day life to create this. Today however, this is about YOU.

You see, the time we spend together is about an energy EXCHANGE. So just as much as the things I do from MY end impact our time together, there are also some things you can do from YOUR end to help turn your experience into a magical energy exchange every single time.
Please keep this in mind the next time you are booking in with your favourite escort.

(DISCLAIMER: Every escort has their own personal preference as to what makes a good booking – this is simply a reflection of my own personal values based on my own experiences, coupled with conversations I've had with my fellow colleagues.)


The way you make contact is what gives us our first impression of you. Most quality independent escorts are actually quite selective with who they will see. We will generally judge whether we think you are appropriate for us or not based on the way you make contact.


If you ask me simple questions in your booking request that are already answered on my profile – it will give me the impression that you haven’t even bothered to read it correctly. If you can’t read my profile correctly, then how can I trust you with my body? With my time? With my energy?

Most girls will require deposits to secure a booking. The BEST clients are the ones who don’t even think twice about setting up a time and date and organising a deposit straight away to show their commitment. This makes life so much easier for US – especially when planning tours. As independent escorts, EVERYTHING we do comes out of our own pocket. Touring means a LOT of overheads – hotels, flights, food, transport (this is why girls will often cancel tours last minute due to lack of pre-bookings).
Secured bookings with deposits, allows us to be relaxed and stress free when organising our tours and bookings. A relaxed escort is a good escort


When you have an amazing connection with your favourite escort that is absolutely FANTASTIC! We love this kind of thing. Its great when you find someone you totally click with.
However please be respectful of us professionally. This is our WORK. For me, everything I do is 100% genuine – I won’t see clients if it’s not. If you’ve felt that magic with me – it’s definitely real.

It’s still my job though.

Getting jealous of us spending time with other clients. Getting overly needy. Sending passive aggressive texts outside of bookings. Getting upset when you don’t get an immediate response. Asking for discounts. Asking to see us outside of work. Expecting us to drop everything just to make time for you when we have other plans and then getting sooky when we say no. None of this is cool. And nor is it FAIR for us to have to put up with this kind of behaviour. YOU are responsible for your own feelings. Please do not allow them to affect the quality of our time together. Because if you don’t take control of your emotions, then it WILL affect our time together. It’s not fair to put us in this position when all we want is to value our clients, create beautiful experiences and make the most of our time together.


A woman who knows she is valued and appreciated shines so much brighter.
How do you show your appreciation?
By having correct etiquette is a perfect way to show your preferred escort how much you value her.

I also absolutely LOVE receiving gifts, cards and sweet little texts.

When you give me gifts, it really makes me feel like a princess. The lingerie, the wines, the chocolates, the flowers, the vouchers, the cards… I treasure all of these things so much.
Hearing about how your life has changed or how you feel like a new person since spending time with me is always welcomed knowledge. Knowing I can make a difference in your life is really special to me.

And let me tell you something about leaving testimonials… When I get a notification in my emails that a new testimonial has been added to my profile – I get so excited to read it! Its so pleasant to get that level of public feedback from you. It also helps us IMMENSELY with our business as it gives other potential clients a really good insight into who we are and how we can potentially make our clients feel. If you want your girl to stay at the top, then give her a good review Tell the rest of the world how good she is. X


It’s quite simple really. If you want the most out of your bedroom fun with me, pay attention to the way I enjoy my body to be touched and treated.
I can honestly tell you right now… the guys who get the BEST sex with me are the ones who are paying attention to what I do and don’t like.


The last point I would like to make, is just as much as OUR attitude affects our time together, so does YOURS.

If you come into a booking with a bad attitude it makes it so much harder for us to work with you!
Not only do we have to assess your needs and deliver, build rapport in a short amount of time, figure out your body and how to turn you on best - we also then have to put all of our energy and focus into lifting your mood.

I personally believe it is my role and my specialty to elevate your mood no matter what. However, its nicer when things just flow. When you come to me with a positive attitude, It makes it easier to get to the mind-blowing stuff quicker. It leaves a pleasant memory of our time together and it makes me WANT to see you again.

A lot of us are EXCEPTIONALLY good at what we do. We are not miracle workers however. If you find you are continuously having ‘bad’ experiences with escorts, then I would recommend you start to look at yourself and your own attitude / behavior to question why that is.

Quite often all it takes is a slight attitude adjustment and a few little things you could do differently that completely change the outcome of your experience.

If you feel like you struggle with any of this or would like some more advice, I actually offer 1:1 coaching sessions over Skype. I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and Sexuality Coach and I believe in educating and empowering others to help create better more fulfilling life experiences. SEX INDUSTRY included. X

Dating / Relationship coaching is available at $200 / hour - email me for enquiries -

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