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Something happened to me yesterday that doesn’t happen a lot.
I’m in the changerooms at Myer trying on some sexy new lingerie, and I caught my reflection in all 3 mirrors. I suddenly started looking over myself with a critical eye.
Despite the fact that for the most part, I'm actually really happy with my body, I looked at my reflection and became insecure.
I started fretting and putting pressure on myself. Deciding I needed to diet way more hardcore. Up the anti on my runs. Squat harder.

What is it about those changeroom mirrors that seem to highlight EVERY imperfection?!
Is it the florescent lights?
I'm pretty sure EVERY woman has had a moment of doubt when staring at her reflection in the changeroom mirror of a department store. I hate them!

I find it interesting the kind of pressure we put on ourselves as women to look a certain way.
I find it interesting that I can go from feeling like a complete and utter sexual goddess, to starting to think about extreme weightloss measures because of a little bit of cellulite.

My experience in the sex industry has taught me something big.
Most men don't care how we look. Its the way we ROCK our body that counts...

She sees a little bit of cellulite, he see’s the shape of her ass.
She sees breasts too small, he sees the way they feel when they fit perfectly in the palm of his hand.

Whether you have the ‘perfect’ body or not doesn’t even matter. What makes you unique, is YOU.

The best part about ME is not my body. Its not my face. Its not my service. Its that I am ME. And there will never be another me.

So I would like to introduce myself….
I am Krystal Fox. A passionate and beautiful 31 year old woman who loves to feel good!
I am a size 8 and have lots of curves that make me feel sexy, soft and a little bit squishy. This is what makes me a woman.
Sometimes I wish that I had a perfectly flat 6 pack but you know what? I LOVE food. Dieting is so hard for me because I love the pleasure of taste. I would never bore you on a date with salad.

I have small perky breasts. I often wish they were bigger - just 1 or 2 cup sizes more and i would have PERFECT proportion. I looked into getting enhancements before until I realized i would have to take 6 months off the gym in order for them to heal. And there's also the possibility of never being able to fight again.
I'm far too passionate about my sport to ever give it up. With the kind of self-discipline and focus it brings into my life, at this point i would definitely never trade that for bigger boobs.

I love beautiful elegant long nails. I used to get mine done however I play guitar and I always have to take them off when I want to jam. I play guitar because I love music. I love music because it feeds my sensitive soul. A lot of people tell me that my sensitivity is one of the things that makes them feel so comfortable with me and i really like that I can have that kind of affect on others.

I love that my ‘imperfections’ are a reflection of the some of the things that make ME unique. Some of the things that make me who I am.
And the reason WHY you guys come to see me is because I am Krystal and not anyone else. So thankyou. X

For the ladies out there who have had a moment of doubting yourself in the changeroom mirrors – remember this – if we were all perfect in every way we would all be the same. Your ‘imperfections’ are actually what makes you unique. Embrace those.

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