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Your "Dinner Dessert" Booking guide

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Today I thought I would cover the topic of “Dinner Dessert” bookings because they have become a very popular request. I always feel flattered when I receive dinner dessert bookings because to me it shows that someone has done their research properly on me, and they feel I would be the sort of person they would enjoy having a meal with, long conversations and some sexy time afterwards.

Why do I enjoy Dinner Dessert bookings so much? Well first and foremost, I love food! (well most food anyway). If you try take me to a Raw food restaurant, you will find I may not eat much… sorry guys, I don’t eat anything raw or uncooked. However, the gents who book to take me out, always do their research first and find out what sort of cuisine would suit best.

This does remind me of a really incredible experience I had in Melbourne sometime ago with a gent from overseas, who took me to a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. He was aware of my “No Raw Food” rule prior, but still wanted me to have a go at the alternatives. Said gent spoke to the restaurant prior and they made arrangements to ensure all of my courses were of the cooked variety and wow, it ended up being such an incredible dining experience. Not only the company, but the effort that this client went to pre-arrange the dinner experience really stood out. It is hard to explain how grateful I am when people go that extra mile to accommodate my “sometimes” annoying habits when it comes to food such as my other hate for Oysters and Garlic. At the same time, I always try to step outside my comfort zone, however if you wish to watch me gag across the table, please do serve me up Oysters and Garlic together, add in some raw meat and the scene won’t be pretty

The most common question I am asked about Dinner Dessert dates is simply “How does it all work”. So, each and every companion will have their own rules to D/D Bookings, so please note this is the way I operate, it may be totally different from the next. I like to think that you have chosen me based on you feeling comfortable with how I go about things.
Most common questions:

• Is there any public displays of affection?

Sorry guys, No I do not allow any public displays of affection at any booking that involves being out in public, ever! The touchy-feely stuff is left for the bedroom. If this is an issue for you, I may not be the lady for you and I ask that you find a lady who does allow PDOA. So basically, when we are out together, we are simply business/corporate friends catching up for a nice meal and a good time. This is a great opportunity anyway to let the anticipation build up. Your privacy is as important as my privacy is so I always act accordingly when out and about with you.

• How do I come dressed to a Dinner Dessert Booking?

This is another good question. I understand why gents ask this, and it is because they do not wish to look like a “stand-out”. In general, I always dress in a way regardless that will see me fit into the occasion. If I am walking into a hotel, I always dress appropriately. The same applies when eating out. If it is cooler weather, I will not wear a dress that makes me look like some high class hooker, I will dress in smart warmer attire that would suit the dining experience. I like to think of it as sexy casual, with a twist of Taylor. I am a very laid-back companion and don’t ever go over the top when it comes to dress. That’s just me, if you don’t like it, please feel free to find another companion, I always dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable, confident and sexy

• Can a Dinner Dessert booking take place in a hotel room so it is more of a private occasion?

This has become an extremely common booking request. Yes, it is totally fine, and I absolutely love the “in-room” dining experience. The reason being, there is so much privacy for us to openly chat and get to know one another without prying ears at the next table. I also totally understand that there are many of you that require privacy yourself and you do not want to be seen out in public with another woman. So, yes, I absolutely accommodate this. I always do make it clear though, ordering a bowl of chips is not a Dinner Dessert booking gents You must feed me accordingly hehe Taylor does enjoy a proper meal … most 4 + hotels actually have really awesome in room dining menus. Let’s dine in dressing gowns and enjoy the privacy and discretion of an in-house meal. Some of my greatest Dinner Dessert experiences have been in-house. I have had some incredibly memorable experiences and continue to do so, so I don’t want this type of experience to become nil and void.

• Can a Dinner Dessert booking take place during the day?

Absolutely, Lunch Dessert Bookings are a perfectly fun way to spend your day! Need time out from the office during the day, no worries

The last and probably most asked question of all is what is the break down of dinner/lunch and or play time. This one is a good question. This also reminds me of the “what services do you provide” question. I always like to reiterate what type of companion provider I am. I am a passionate GFE provider. To me, this means that I don’t provide a service list for you to pick and choose, yes, I do have a “service list” on my profiles, but this is simply because we don’t have a choice but to not put this on our profile. Yes, there are most certainly things I would and wouldn’t do and that is very important for potential clients to understand when choosing a companion. The time we spend together will be very different from the next person. I do not ever plan out time. This is impossible to do in my eyes because then it becomes unnatural. Our time together will play out exactly as it should. The best experiences come from the most unplanned. I am not your “wham bam thank you maam” provider. I love building a connection and watching the day and or night plan out as it should, naturally. Like any companion will reiterate to you, it is “our time” you are paying for. Whether that be a normal booking or a dinner dessert where having a meal is part of the arrangement. If you are unsure, the best thing you can do is simply ask. So yes, if you feel you will want more time, then respectfully, the extra time required or wanted should and would be paid for. Guilting escorts into getting free time is the quickest way to make the booking feeling very uncomfortable and awkward. No escort will accept this kind of disrespectful behaviour.

I hope I have covered off most things that people may want to know about this particular type of booking. For my rates regarding Dinner and or Lunch bookings please refer to my profile and feel free to text and or email me anything you may wish to clarify. And as I always need to remind, I only ever provide an outcall service.

May you all enjoy the rest of March and keep doing things that make your soul feel alive.

Hugs and Kisses

Taylor Rose xox

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