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Winter Blues? Nah, Not me when I use my “Go-To’s”

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Does anyone else occasionally get a bout of the “Winter Blues”? Perhaps you feel a little under the weather mood wise, unmotivated, no drive etc. Your most definitely not alone. I know that for me, I am a lover of the sun. I love all things long days, warm nights and summer fun activities. However, I also do love parts of winter as it gives you a chance to snuggle under the doona, spend weekends in with loved ones, enjoying hearty winter meals and never shy of a Devonshire tea up in the Dandenong Ranges during the cooler months. Also, for me, a big winner is a summer body is made in the winter, so I do some of my best training and workouts during the colder months.

When I do feel a little out of it and unmotivated, I have my own little list of things I turn to. I thought I would share some of my “Go-To” ideas on what I do to get myself out of the winter rut because they most certainly help me feel good again.

1. A big sweaty session in the Gym – Yes of course you guessed it, this is my number one. Not only when I train do my endorphins go crazy to give me the feel-good vibes, however I tend to train that little bit hard in winter. Maybe it is so I warm up quicker Long Winter walks are a favourite. Throw on a huge jacket, gloves, beanie and off I go. I could walk for hours.

2. A massage – Is there anything better than getting an hour long full body massage. Release the tension in your muscles, release the stress and find inner peace with some serious time out away from the world. Find a massage centre or day spa that has really relaxing music, a beautifully lit candle that smells divine and a place that makes you feel like you can escape.

3. A Massive Purge Fest – In winter I find myself many a day doing the good old clean out. Room by Room, cupboard by cupboard. There is no better feeling than “out with the old, in with the new”. Its such a Zen for me. I find it allows space for positivity and creativity back into my life. Anytime I feel stuck or unmotivated, I love choosing a room or a cupboard and I simply toss anything I haven’t used in 3 months or anything that brings no joy into my life. It is such a satisfying feeling. Its amazing what you find in the back of an old draw or cupboard.

4. Dining out – Winter brings a whole different vibe of dining out. I LOVE restaurants or cafes that offer a nice open fireplace. A fantastic wine list of Red selections, hearty meals like Osso Bucco or Lamb Shanks (mmm mouth is watering right now), and delicious soups. I am a big fan of any place that has a beautiful warm ambience about it. A place where it is private and you are not sitting on top of the next table. A place where you can have intimate D & M’s with your significant other.

5. Winter Football – Yes of course you can tell I am a Melbourne girl now. I love football and I especially love going to a good game of AFL getting all rugged up. Did somebody say Meat Pie? Catch a train into town and enjoy all of the fantastic sports that your state has to offer.

6. Getting it on – I say no more… snuggles, fucking and kissing in Winter… Enough said!

7. Winter Getaway – I love going on mini getaways. I love to jump on line and pick weekend away packages and just explore. I love doing this on a whim too. So many awesome places to visit and enjoy. All of the travel websites nowadays make booking mini getaways so easy and also being able to build a level of excitement from all of the cool photos that you can see online before you get away. One of my goals is to book a one-day trip away to eat in another state and fly home the same day… because it would be fun adventurous and just a little bit out there.

8. Good Tunes – Feeling down….. MUSIC! Everyday all day I pretty much have music playing in the background, whether I am at home, in the gym, at a booking, in my car… MUSIC … I love Music, I love to Dance and silence is not my thing. Who wants to Dance with me?

9. Reading – Oh boy do I love a good book in winter. I read a lot before I go to sleep at night and also love snuggling up on the couch during the day when I have time to read. I am a lover of all things True Story and Autobiographies. I can never have enough books and love having a pile high next to my bed in my “Reading Waiting List”. Does anyone else love the smell of a new book too? Or is that just me Kind of like that invigorating newly cut grass smell.

10. Chat to someone you care about – Last but not least, one of my favorites. Make a call to someone who makes you smile. Make a call and have a chat to someone who fills your soul with love, laughter and light. Is there anything better than getting off the phone after you have had a really warm conversation with someone you care about. I think not.

I love hearing what everyone else does to lift their spirits in the Winter time and what makes you smile. Sharing is Caring. Always up for new ideas.

May you all have an enjoyable July. Stay Warm, Smile, Laugh and spend time with people who make you feel whole again.

Love Taylor Rose.


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