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Last night I watched the most incredibly inspiring documentary on Netflix and I honestly cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is in the need of some motivation and drive, and or perhaps feel they are in a lull and need a kick in the butt. This Doco is sure to make you realise that no matter what you are going through and what happens, it is all in the mindset as to how you will deal with it and how you will come out the other end.

The show is call “Unbroken, Calum Von Moger”. Calum von Moger, who is a Bodybuilder and two-time Mr. Universe, reflects on his rise to fame and battle to come back from a debilitating injury. Even if you have absolutely no interest in bodybuilding and fitness, this story has a really strong message and shows how strong the human mind can be in battling setbacks. Calum certainly had many of those and showed extreme intestinal fortitude to get through what he did. In my eyes, wow, so inspirational! That’s enough motivation for me to keep reminding myself why I love looking after myself when it comes to training and nutrition, and why I will continue to do so until the day I die.

The other interesting part of this documentary is Calum’s story is how he had his rise to fame. For a young man who hated school and never finished, to then be one of the top paid fitness Instagram stars in the world. He has made a living simply from doing what he loves to do, fitness. Not only that, he is so humble which makes him all that more of an amazing human. Please tune in and watch!

So, what does this have to do with what I was going to write in my diary entry today? Many of you know that my passion is health and fitness and sharing with as many as possible the benefits of keeping a fit and healthy body and more so feeding your body foods that make you feel amazing, at the same time having a healthy balance where you can have your cake and eat it to.

I asked the question on Twitter, if I were to keep blogging more on the topic that I really do love, what exactly would you like me to write about and many asked about how do I keep my motivation high even during cold winters and down times. The other is based along the same line and that is how do I get my drive and keep it, or what is it that drives me. Motivation and Drive being very similar in nature. I will write about each separately. When reading my blogs, please always note that what I write about is simply my opinions based on my own personal experiences and may not align with yours, this is not about right or wrong, this is simply a light hearted look into my world for those of you who do wish to get to know me a little better and what makes me tick. It may help you decide if I am the type of companion you would like to spend time with. So, peeps, take it with a grain of salt

Let’s get this started.

Drive. What is my drive. What drives me?

Ever since I can remember, from my late teens and leading into my 20’s, as a woman, body image was such a big thing. Mind you this is before social media and phones were even around. It was hard enough then, so I could only imagine how hard it is now being a teenager in your 20’s when you are not so sure or confident in your own skin, and you do tend to worry about what others think. Social media is really good for some things but has been terrible for our self-worth. Social Media pretty much dictates to our generation what they should look like, or what success should look like, all painted with very rose-coloured glasses. People have forgotten what it is to be themselves. i find many try to be someone they are not because they are following the lead in society and what is deemed cool and not so cool. With age and maturity, I personally find you just start not caring about others opinion, because the reality is people will always have an opinion whether bad or good, and you won’t be able to change what they think. Why worry about what others think of you. Let the haters hate and just keep doing you. The behavior of bullies and trolls speaks volumes about them as a person, not you, so as hard as it is sometimes to ignore, it will save you a whole lot of heartache and stress.

I was always an active child with a love for dancing which included tap dancing, ballroom dancing, hip hop, ballet, you name it I loved to dance. From my love of dancing, came the love for wanting to become more fit and eat better foods in order to be able to perform and dance better and be lighter on my feet. When I first set foot in a gym when I was around 16/17 I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I would just go in and wing it. Just use each machine without a goal or even knowing what a rep or set was. Being a goal orientated person, I decided I wanted to learn more. I read books (yes books, not google) I made friends with people in the gym and took bits and pieces of what they were doing. I would see women that I though looked great and asked them what they did and how often they trained. I become so driven by learning the best and smartest ways to train. I was so driven to find out the best way to eat in order to stay relatively lean year around, but also have balance and still live a typical 20 something life which did involve going out and eating a lot more junk than I could possibly ever eat now in my 30’s.

I was extremely driven to learn because for all the information I was gaining and all the new things I would pick up from people, I would make myself the guinea pig and try out different methods to see what worked for me. I was smart enough to know that what worked for one person wouldn’t necessarily work for me. I needed to hone in on what worked for me for both training and nutrition. I still to this day use myself as a guinea pig and love trying out different methods. I remain driven when it comes to my health and fitness because we do only get the one body, and if we don’t look after it, we will live a life getting sick, feeling heavy and sluggish and never truly understanding how fitness can change your life. Well it changed mine anyway. I am driven by the way I can start every day and have the choice to do cardio. I am driven by the fact that every day I lift weights (which is 4 – 5 times a week) I will become stronger. I am driven by the way good food makes me feel. I am driven by the fact I very rarely get sick because I do try and do the right thing by my body. Finding my drive even on my worst of days is fixed by just making that move and getting my sneakers on and getting out to nature. Because I can assure you once you get started you will love it. Some days are certainly harder than others, but my drive will never die because I simply LOVE health and fitness and everything about it. If that is my addiction, then I am pretty happy with that.

So, what about general motivation. The daily grind, the days where I am tired, where I simply can’t be bothered, where preparing good food is not on the top of my agenda for the day because it seems easier to get pre packaged food. Yes, I am human, I have these days like every other person would. Well this one is easy for me, the latter is not something I like to feel. The latter feeling does not outweigh the good feelings I get when I just get the job done. It is like anything in life, when something means a lot to you. You will find the time. You will also not find any excuse to avoid it. You will do it even if you “can’t be bothered”, if you are “too tired”, because you know how good you will feel when you do it. You will also know how disappointed you will get if you don’t. I would rather get in and do a half-arsed gym session then do nothing at all. That’s just me. I also believe scheduling in proper training breaks every 8 weeks. This gives your body a proper rest and time to reset. Every 8 weeks I will take a full week off weight training and continue to do my power walking which I love so much.

Motivation is never hard for me to find when I am doing something that I love doing. If you love something you will be motivated to wake up every day and do it without fail. If there is something that makes you feel really good, you will put the effort into it. There is nothing wrong with the next person who is not into their health and fitness, and has no motivation for it, it just means that they have other more important priorities, so for these types of people, yes it will be a huge struggle. If its not your thing, don’t force it. Generally, in this case the reality is health and fitness becomes a priority when a person gets extremely sick or there is a life altering moment where looking after yourself is a “non-negotiable”. Where it is your last resort, and it ends up changing their lives 10-fold. There really is nothing bad that comes out of a healthy and fit lifestyle. At the end of the day you can’t force anyone to do something that they don’t want to do. There are no short cuts to health and fitness, you just have to “want to” look after your numero uno. Once again, like anything, you will not consistently do something if you genuinely don’t have a love for what you are doing. Eventually your motivation will dry out.

Motivation for me is when I put on a dress and feel really sexy. What is sexy to me, it is when “I” feel good within myself. It is knowing that I put in the work and did my time. When I earnt it. Motivation for me is feeling good in my own skin. Feeling trim and light. Because yes, I love dining out, sweets Cocktails and Champagne. And I will indulge in these things a few times a week. Because life is way to short not to… however I will also put in the hard yards daily to earn it. I will never restrict myself. Been there done that in my 20’s and it never ends well. A bit of balance in everything in life is key.

At the end of the day, your body is your temple. For me, there is not other reason to give me more drive and motivation to look after it.

Here is cheers to your health & fitness xo

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