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The A - Z of Taylor Rose - Just a little bit of Escort Diary Fun!

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I thought I would do something a little fun for this diary entry and give my potential clients and even regular clients a little bit of “get to know me better” information that you might find fun, or even have something in common that may inspire you to want to spend a little time with me in the coming months. This is an A – Z of Taylor Rose, a genuine and honest list of some of the things that make me tick, and or like/dislike. Enjoy :-)

A: Aftershave: There is absolutely nothing that turns me on more than a man who smells good and wears aftershave that makes me go weak at the knees.

B: Bitching: I absolutely and positively cannot stand any type of bitching or anyone who deliberately goes out of their way to cause this type of behavior. It doesn’t take much to be a nice human, and I pride myself on staying away from this type of behavior, even though I have learnt that in this industry there can be a lot of it . I have learnt to totally keep to myself, do my thing and just focus on me.

C: Country: Yes I am a country girl at heart, I grew up spending a lot of my life in the country up North. I do love the city, but you will never take the country out of me. Take away traffic lights, traffic congestion and hustle and bustle any day of the week!

D: Dark Chocolate: yes, if I have one indulgence, it is dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate and especially good quality Cacao.

E: Escorting: It has totally changed my life. I genuinely love my work, I love the people I meet, I love the experiences that I get to encounter. I feel blessed to have fallen into this line of work and really feel I have found my calling. I am here for a long time to come and can’t wait for many more experiences, lessons and the people that I get to meet.

F: Fitness: For those who have met me you would know I am heavily into my health and fitness and looking after my body. It is something I have always loved to do and also love to put good food into my body, train hard and also push myself to my limits. I have played many competitive sports, including dancing at a state level in Ballroom and Latin American Dancing.

G: Gym: You will find me in a gym lifting weights 4 – 5 times a week without fail. The first thing I do when I wake is have a long black and hit the gym. Training and my health and fitness always comes first. I care about my body, after all it is our temple and we only get one.

H: Hair: I hate hair on my body, I am always fully shaven from top to toe (Minus my head and brows obviously). You would not get me growing hair on my pussy... I just don’t like the feeling. I love soft and supple skin and I feel for me having a hair free body gives me better sensation with all sexual experiences I have.

I: Independence and Intuition: I have been a totally independent escort for over 1 year now. I work for myself, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being able to run my own shop, be able to choose my own hours, and to be able to say no if I don’t feel a client or job is right for me. I am in total control now and I feel safe and secure as I have a very strong and in tune intuition from the moment I first have contact with a potential client. If it doesn’t feel right, my intuition will tell me so immediately.

J: Jewellery: When it comes to jewellery, I hardly wear any as I have very sensitive skin. My preferred is always good quality silver and only wear a small pair of diamonds in my ears. I don’t like going OTT with Jewellery and prefer a sexy pair of heels over any other luxury item. I work to save my money and to focus on paying off my mortgage and saving for the future rather than spending a heap of money on luxury items and things that wont serve me well in the future. Memories any day over materialistic items.

K: Kissing: This has to be my number 1 of anything sexual! Yes, Kissing. When you have the right connection, a deep and passionate kissing session is everything. Some guys have it, others don’t. It doesn’t make anyone a better or worse person, I simply believe that some humans connect extremely well when kissing and others don’t. When the connection is there, it can make me more wet than any other sexual activity. So don’t go sticking that tongue so far down my throat so I cant breathe fellas... keep it slow and passionate, kissing is everything! I love to Kiss!

L: Lips: My lips are 100% natural – as in naturally large, plump and totally natural. I have never in my lifetime ever had any type of filler put into my lips. My lips are probably one of my best features as they are naturally large and do me well for kissing, it is a facial feature that I get complimented on a plenty. Plump, soft and totally natural, they are worth a try.

M: Men: Fat, skinny, Tall, short, quiet, out there, librarian, corporate, country man, police officer, government official, I could go on and on. I really don’t care what you look like, what you do, where you came from, how old you are (except if you are under 21, sorry to the younger guys) I do not judge. The only thing I care about is Respect !

N: Nude: I sleep nude, always have always will. Clothes and sleep are not meant for each other. My personal choice of course!

O: Orgasms: These are not something that happen in every booking, that doesn’t mean I am not enjoying myself. However, more often than not I do. When a man puts his tongue near my clit and slowly works his way around I can bring myself to orgasm very easily. I have always been a very sexual person that can throw myself into the sexual experience, and I love how that experience is so different with every gent I meet.

P: Pre-Bookings: Yep! You know it! Pre-Bookings make me pretty wet fellas! So get involved! Pre-Booking makes my life a pleasure. I don’t do “last minute availability”. I have plenty of other hobbies and interests outside of work that I do daily, so I am not at any time sitting around in my lingerie waiting for my phone to ring. Please, Pre-Book!

Q: Quality not Quantity: I have always been a quality over quantity woman. I will not see a client just because I get a request, I am very selective with who I see, as I genuinely want to have a good time myself, as this will always reflect on the booking anyway. I believe escorting is so much more than sex (that is what many who don’t know much about it think this world is about). Anyone can get sex... but not everyone can connect and genuinely have a fantastic time with a companion who will make you walk away and feel a million dollars. To me, that is my job and I will always choose to give my clients a quality experience every time.

R: Reading: In my spare time you will find me curled up with a good book. I love to read true stories and autobiographies. I am not the sort of girl that goes out to party in my spare time. I am a pretty quiet person and prefer my own company when I am not with a client. I don’t need big groups of friends to keep me occupied. I don’t get bored and love my own company. I have a huge book shelf that takes up one whole wall in my lounge that is filled with books I have read, and ones that are in the “to read” list.

S: Summer: I am a summer girl through and thought. I love summer, I love heat, I love wearing summer dresses and flowing skirts. You will get me at my best on a beautiful summers day.

T: Tongue: some men know how to use it, some don’t. I love to give a little direction if I feel that its not doing it for me. For me, slow and steady wins the race.. slow, sensual and sexy. The art of using the tongue is not something that all men know, but what I do love is a man that can read a woman's signs. Speaking for myself here, I am a sensitive being down there and hard and fast tongue and finger work will only hurt and over sensitise me... slow that tongue down boys, be gentle... and watch your woman moan! PS... Top for all men! Brush your tongue too before your booking. Not just your teeth No woman likes a white tongue

U: uncircumcised and or circumcised: I don’t give too hoots, as long as its all clean and fresh down there either or does not and will never both me! As I have said before, I couldn’t care less what you are, all I care about is respecting the cleanliness and health that all escorts want and need to perform our job. I’ve been lucky to not yet come across a client who hasn’t had impeccable hygiene and cleanliness, so respect to that !!! I wouldn’t go there if I felt otherwise anyway. Showers + Regular Health checks = Perfect client and perfect escort

V: Vacuuming: Yes I am obsessed! I love to vacuum and vacuum my home most days. I am very much a clean freak and love having things in order at home. Vacuuming gives me a sense of cleanliness and I swear is the next best thing to sex!

W: Wine: I do love a beautiful wine and since starting escorting I have been privileged to be introduced to many fine drops! In summer my preferred choice is a nice dry Sav Blanc (I don’t like really sweet or fruity white wines) and in winter I love a beautiful Shiraz.

X: X marks the spot: Can you find it? I don't know. Book me and you can find out :-)

Y: Yummy: Yummy is the word I use for the amazing food I get to consume in my dinner dessert bookings.

Z: Zinc: This is the one supplement I do not go a day without! Ladies, Zinc is your best friend, gents, it is also amazing for you guys too! I take a couple before bed and this incredible supplement is amazing for your skin. Zinc is also super for your immune system and for fighting colds, something which I very rarely ever get! Zinc is a powerful antioxidant and balances your hormones (for chicks who get typical time of month symptoms, zinc is amazing!) And last but not least Zinc is amazing for muscle recovery and growth, perfect for the high level of training I do daily.

So there you have it, just a tiny weeny snippet of me ....

Until next time...

Keep Smiling, Keep Laughing and Be Happy! Life is too short Not too!

Love TR

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