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November is almost done and dusted. Can you believe it? Has anyone else already smashed a substantial amount of food and alcohol this month? We still have December and the January holiday period to go yet! Well hang in there, as a Personal Trainer and a passionate Health and Fitness advocate I thought I would share in my blog today some tips I use to balance it all out. I also use these tips so I don’t come out of the festive period feeling totally awful and having the scary thought that I have set myself back a few months after a hard year of training and eating well.

Given that I work in an industry that does involve Dinner Dessert dates, Alcohol and plenty of sweet treats, sometimes my body does do a flip and screams out to me TAYLOR…. Enough is Enough! On the flip side, I also am a Personal Trainer who works on the total opposite end of the spectrum, promoting healthy eating, training and of course the most important aspect, Balance and Mindset!

Well here are my two cents on how I deal with a busy social schedule and my top tips on what I do when I feel I have overdone the eating and drinking.

First and foremost, I am a big believer in eating a high protein, high fat and lower carb diet. Don’t get me wrong, I could live off crusty sour dough bread and butter, however I also know that realistically this will not keep me feeling and looking the best version of myself. And I say the “best version of myself”, because everyone’s “best version” is something totally different to the next. Every person should know their own body well enough to know what makes them most confident, what makes them feel the best and what the triggers are that make them feel sluggish. I know my body well enough to know in what shape makes me feel most confident. I can also read my body like clock work now and go a lot by the way I am feeling. There are days that I simply “want” that ice cream, dessert or chocolate. No I don’t need it, but I most certainly want it. There are other days that the feeling that I get afterwards from eating high amounts of sugar are not worth the way I feel 30 minutes after consuming that type of food. I am a BIG sweet tooth! Once I start on the sugary treats, it takes a lot of self-discipline to stop. So, sometimes its best for me not to start in the first place.

When I stick to a diet of high protein and fats and lower carb I find I don’t get as hungry, I don’t feel bloated and I don’t feel sluggish and heavy. I mean really, who wants to feel sluggish when you are making love. When in a dinner dessert booking, I always choose to have a protein source (chicken, fish, steak) and choose salads and or veggies to side with. I usually do enjoy some bread and butter at this time, maybe some mash potato, but I never order dessert… after all dessert comes in way of a much better option…. Sex anyone? It really is just making the best choice from what you have to choose from on the menu. Be smart I would also rather use my calories on French Champagne… my absolute favourite!

Speaking of Alcohol, I am a big sucker for lighter cocktails like a Champagne Bellini or French Champagne on its own. I don’t steer too much from those choices. I have never been a beer drinker and I also don’t generally drink spirits all that often. Red Wine is a favourite in Winter and Summer has seen me steer away from White win in general, because I just cant break my relationship with a refreshing cold champers! A nice Espresso Martini goes down well too sometimes! If I am drinking, I will always choose not to have any kind of actual sweet desserts, I will steer clear of sugar and just enjoy a nice savoury meal and that piece of hot bread from the oven. If anything, I will go for a fruit platter if I felt like something sweet afterward.

So, what about exercise? Well for me training is something that is simply routine. I don’t go a day without exercise. Exercise is my addiction. I love the endorphins I get from exercise and especially cardio based training. I don’t go a day without doing fasted cardio in the mornings and 4 days a week I ensure I do full body splits in the gym. Lifting moderate to heavy. I change things around each session to ensure I give my body the shock it needs to change. I really up this when I know I have a busy social diary. I will “up the anti” and do double sessions on the days I know I have a dinner or will be drinking. I also ensure the day after I’ve had a social event, that I get up and once again “up the anti” the next morning in the gym. Some may think it’s a little over the top, but being in my 30’s now, I know my body and keeping in shape does take a lot more effort than it did when I was in my 20’s. Reality is, I give a lot of shits about how I feel and look. That’s just me. Prior to a social event or dinner dessert where I know that there will be more food than usual and alcohol, I will also be extremely mindful that day and only consume minimal amounts of protein and fats to keep me satiated.

My other little handy tips that I apply daily to my health and well being are having a couple of tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water in the morning. (you get used to the taste after sometime I promise but never gets too easy on the taste-buds). Great for aiding in digestion and keeping the bloats away. I also have fresh lemon squeezed into warm water on an empty stomach before I do cardio in the mornings. I do this for my skin and general well being and once again digestion. These are two pretty religious routine things I do daily.

A few small changes in your daily routine can make such a big difference. I love sharing my knowledge on all things health, fitness and well being. I love the balance I have created in my life now and have built a lifestyle accordingly. We can have our cake and eat it too if we all just practice a little bit of smart balance and self-control. And the most important message from this is to get a routine that works for your own situation. We all lead different lives, so work out what works best for you, just don’t make excuses for yourself.

A healthy body, leads to a healthy mind and a better outlook on life. Life is to be enjoyed so do have that piece of cake, do have that cocktail, do have that pizza, but just back it up with healthy eating and plenty of exercise.

Now I guess I better get off my butt and make my way to the gym

Love Taylor Rose x

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