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Is it really nearly May? Waaaaaa

Where is the year going? We are nearly at the half way mark, before we know it we will be putting the Christmas decorations up again! However, prior to that, there are so many exciting things to look forward to over the coming 6 months, and with June almost at our doorstep we have Melbourne winter to look forward too! Whilst I will always prefer sunshine, warmth and Vitamin D, nothing beats Snuggle Buddy weather. Big doonas, the warmth of a mans arms wrapped around me, sexy big winter jackets with not much else underneath, and a pair of knee high winter boots. Delicious!

To those of you who have met and already know me, you would know that I am a very easy-going lady, one who doesn’t like to take things too seriously. Whilst there is a time and place to be serious, I believe life should be about finding the fun in everything we do, being passionate about what you do and waking up every morning and having purpose. Life should be about making memories, making friendships/relationships that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and being a kind and caring person. In light of all this, it brings me to my very light-hearted Escort Diary entry for the month, and in true Taylor Rose form, finding a word that is relevant for what’s about to come… and that is……


So, I thought I would give a short and sweet run down of 6 of my favourite things about the cooler months, each beginning with the letters in Winter so you can get to know a bit more about me

W – Wine (Red of Course)

During Summer I am all about crisp and cool Champagne. Winter brings the delicious drops of Wine in the form of Red! Is there nothing better than a delicious Shiraz to warm the soul with good company and perhaps an open fire. Well in Winter I don’t think so! Only downside is the potential hangovers that come from Red, thus why I have turned to Champers in most cases so getting up the next morning isn’t as tricky, being the early morning fitness buff that I am

I – Indoor Training

For those of you who know me well, you know my greatest passion is Health and Fitness. I love to look after myself with proper nutrition and proper training. Whilst the warmer weather sees me outside doing most of my training, during the winter months, I love to get hot and sweaty in different gyms across Melbourne. I am a fan of mixing up my training, and location of training so things stay fresh and I don’t get demotivated feeling like I am on the same routine every day. With the huge choice of gyms with cheap casual passes, training and feeling like you are doing something new each session is never a worry. Weights, indoor cardio sessions, boxing, classes, you name it, in Winter I do it!

N – Night Markets

For those who live in Melbourne and haven’t experiences the Queen Vic Night Markets then you are missing out. Generally, starts from the start of June on a Wednesday night and runs until October or thereabouts. With Winter food stalls, wine testing, plenty of entertainment and other interesting stalls, it is a must visit if you are in town. I love nothing more then putting on jeans, a big jacket, my comfy Adidas casuals and exploring Melbourne mid-week! The vibe is simply awesome and the food stalls are pretty insane!

T – Timeout

Winter is always the season I take a proper 2 week long “time out”. Sometimes we all get so caught up in life that we forget to take a trip away or take proper time out to rest and recoup. For me, I like to take a few weeks in June to get away, so I can properly rest and prepare for the second half of the year. Time out allows me to get away from the usual environment, and to see things for what they are. To set some goals for the next 6 months and just “breathe” I always come back so fresh and ready to take on the world when I have taken myself out of my usual routine. For me, I will be turning my phones of and heading away from Wednesday 5th June until Saturday 16th June and will be back to my normal routine on Monday 18th June for bookings as usual. So, please do message me if you would like to pre-book for the week that I am back in Melbourne. I will be fresh as a daisy and ready to spoil you rotten!

E – Eating

Oh, Hell yes! Does any one else agree that eating in Winter is so much more fun than summer!? Summer sees me eat plenty of light salads and chicken, nuts and fruit. I eat pretty bland when I prepare food for myself, I like to call it simplistic! But Winter, well what a good excuse to have a warming Spaghetti Bolognaise or Dips and fresh hot bread from the oven to warm the soul. Whilst I always make choices that will help keep me feeling fit, well and healthy, eating for me is something I truly love and enjoy (for as long as it is not Raw and or too “seafoody”…. I don’t do “fishy” fish and or oysters etc, work that one out ). Nothing beats finding amazing eateries where I can indulge my winter taste buds with some of my favorites like Lamb Shanks, anything protein based, Winter soups and the occasional pizza from the wood fire oven on Lygon Street. All this talk is making me salivate as we speak!

R – Reading

Yes, pretty simple really, Winter is when I do most of my reading. Nothing beats being tucked in bed or snuggled up on the couch with a good book! I am a huge sucker for True Stories, Auto and Biographies and anything that tells the story of people coming from nothing and making something of themselves. I love inspirational reads, exciting reads and books that I want to read all in one go.

So, there you have it. I hope this gives a little more insight into “Taylor Rose” and what makes me happy during the cooler months. Very easily pleased really

May you all have a fabulous Winter, find yourself plenty of cuddles and kisses and keep warm!

Love Taylor x

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