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New Year, New You, New Adventures? DIARY: How to prepare for a Booking by Taylor Rose

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Happy New Year to you all! I have no doubt most of you have come back into the new year feeling fresh and recharged. Maybe some of you don’t feel like that, if not, I hope 2019 brings you more time to recharge the batteries during the course of the year.

There is something exciting about bringing in a new year. I am not one to go crazy with new year resolutions, but I do like setting a few small goals that I can try and tick off by the end of the year. For me, this year I want to try and travel a little more. Whether it be small day trips in my own state, mini getaways and tours throughout Australia and or traveling abroad. I already have a few trips booked in and have my first Sydney Tour booked in for late February. I always allow myself time when on tour to get out and about and see new things and experience new places to eat. I love the element of adventure and surprise, not knowing what I might find or see.

Other goals include, and probably something I set every year, continuously working on my fitness to get fitter for every year I get older. After all, age really is just a number. I love the feeling of being healthy and fit, which in turn allows my body to run like a well-oiled sports car. Finally, I want to fit more “me” time in, whether that means getting a few extra sneaky day spa visits, a nice massage here and there, just basic “self-love”. Reading many new books this year is also high on my priority list.

So to ease into my first diary entry for the year, I asked my followers on Twitter a few weeks back to ask me any questions that they might find of interest for me to write about in my diary. I received many great questions via my PM and I look forward to covering some of these topics over the next few months.

I always like to reiterate that my diary/blog is meant to be a light-hearted look at my life as an escort and topics relating too, and is not to be taken too seriously. The things I write about are based purely on my opinion and may not be right nor wrong. I am just here to share some fun and hopefully interesting banter and easy reading. So please take it as a grain of salt. I do hope you find something in my writings that you may relate too and/or give you something to laugh about.

So, today’s question I am going to cover is “How can you best prepare for a booking with an escort”

I think this is a great question, because some of you may be very new to the escort world and may feel nervous, scared, excited, unsure and just not 100% sure if and what you should be doing. First things first, choosing your companion. You have probably been scouring the pages of Scarlet Blue for some time now, and had a few ladies in mind, after all there is a huge and wonderful choice of ladies to pick from. Before searching the directory, you would most certainly have had an idea in your mind what it was you were wanting to gain from booking time with an escort. Was it companionship, was it a lack of sex in your private world, was it craving to feel the touch of a lady that you thought you could never get in the real world, was it conversation, was it wanting to discover something new and exciting or was it wanting to learn a thing or two or tick off a “bucket list” item. Whatever your reason, I am most certain with good research you will find exactly what it is you are looking for.

Once you are confident you have found the lady that feels like the right fit for you, its time to make contact. Please ensure you read your “lady of choice” profile properly to get the details on exactly how she wishes to be contacted for the initial enquiry. Some prefer a call, some a text. Be as specific as you can be with detail. I can assure you the more detail you can give in the first instance to your potential companion, the easier the booking process will be and the actual experience of it being positive will far outweigh one where the booking process was difficult, confusing and non-detailed.

For me, I love a text that includes the gents name, age, where he is from and what his profession is. Then, stating what date, time and what length of booking he would like. After this, what hotel it is that he will be staying at (if that detail can be provided at the time). I always like to get back to all enquiries within a 12 hour period, however sometimes this is not possible. In this case, it can sometimes be handy to let the lady know when is the best time to respond and/or if you would prefer a text or email in response. Don’t be that person who tries to withhold simple information like a mobile number if you have sent an email request, because straight away it gives me the impression that you may be a timewaster. For me, I always have and always will have my potential and current client’s privacy and discretion as my highest priority so giving numbers is nothing but a safety and screening step for us so we can do our due diligence. It is not so we can try calling you when you are with your wife or girlfriend, or when you are at work. Do the right thing by your potential companion. Then, pay your deposit, if this is a requirement of the lady you have selected.

After you have confirmed all the details required with your lady of choice, please be totally aware of the type of service she provides. If she is a Girlfriend Provider, then don’t go asking if she allows chains, whips and chicken wings up her clacker (I say this light hearted because it’s not uncommon for some to expect they might be the exception to the rule of what we will and won’t do regardless of it not being on profile). I try and be as specific as possible on my profile so potential suitors know exactly what they are going to get when booking with me. If in doubt, ask the question. I am an open book and love it when gents clarify any detail they are unsure of that they don’t feel was covered on my profile. Secondly, be sure you are aware of the fee associated with the time you wish to book. DO NOT EVER try to haggle a price with a lady. This will be sure to set the mood off completely. If a lady has her rates too high for you, then move on and find another lady who is more within your price range. It is simply not cool to every haggle! EVER!
So, everything is booked in and the anticipation is now building. Depending on the lady you have chosen, they may or may not want contact leading up to the booking. I like to have an initial phone conversation just to say hi and get an initial connection happening. Some gents don’t feel the need, and that is fine too. I personally believe having contact whether by text or phone leading into your booking is a great way to build the connection and also have some fun flirty moments.

By now, you are feeling excited, nervous and everything in between. This is good, this is great actually. And, it is all very normal to feel these things.

So, the day has come and your booking is here. I love it when my new client has sent me a text a few days earlier to confirm all of the details of the booking and shares his excitement with me. It also gives me a huge level of excitement that he has been thinking about our up and coming time together. Be sure to be well groomed for your lady. Make it a bit of a fun exercise. Go get your hair cut, do some man scaping, find a nice shirt to wear. Whatever it is, make the time leading up fun. Find a sexy aftershave to get the pulses racing and clean your teeth and tongue :-0) Good hygiene will make any escort get a little wet in the panties

Always have your phone nearby when it comes close to the booking start time. This allows your companion to send you a text when she has arrived to the hotel. For me, I most certainly do not like loitering around hotel foyers, so be on time and ready so when your lady has arrived, she can text you and you can come down the lift and get her at your mutually agreed meeting point. If there is no key card needed to get into the room, send her the room number as confirmation.

Always have the fee ready at the very start of the booking to hand to your lady when she arrives. This shouldn’t need to be asked for. You can place this in an envelope on the bench, bed or hand it to her, however you do it, do it in a way that the lady does not need to ask for it. I always ensure this is done at the beginning of the booking so there is no discussion of it later. Allow your lady a few minutes to count her fee and get her things sorted. Always be sure to have showered right before your booking is about to start or this can be done whilst your lady is getting her things sorted and fee counted etc. It shouldn’t be made a big deal. Once again, every lady will have a process that she rolls with, so just run with whatever will make both you and her feel comfortable.

How the rest of the booking will play out, well that’s the exciting part… let it roll out naturally. Have fun, enjoy and remember your time together shouldn’t be “planned” once in the room together. Just let it roll.

Once your booking has finished, you may like to send your companion a thank you text, if she hasn’t already sent you one first soon after the booking has ended. I know from my end, I always love to receive feedback, and receiving a text that you have had a good time is always a nice surprise to pop up on phone.

Seeing escorts really can open your eyes up to new and exciting adventure in your life where it may be lacking. It can bring fun and fantasy into a place where no one is going to judge you. Seeing an escort may seem daunting at first, but I can assure you once you step over to the “dark side” you will more than likely ask yourself why you didn’t delve into this world earlier. Take that step, if it is something you have been thinking about for sometime don’t waste another minute. There is so much to gain from spending time with a companion and there are so many wonderful ladies to choose from to spend time with.

Love TR xo

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