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My most hated question "What do you like"?

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Happy Hump Day! I have no doubt everyone is well and truly into the swing of the "not so new" year now.

I've been my usual busy self with lots going on in my escorting and private world and am really loving every bit of 2018 so far! I have a lot of exciting adventures coming my way with certain individuals and no doubt many more which will be planned later on down the track. There is nothing more exciting than having things to look forward to in the near and not so near future. The thing I love about escorting is that every day is a new adventure. You never know what people you may meet, what opportunities you may be so lucky to be a part of or what you might learn in any given day. Boy of Boy do I love my work !!!

In my diary today, I wanted to talk about my most hated yet most asked question.

"What do you like"

Now this question, I am not relating to when people ask what I like hobby wise or in general, I am talking about when I am asked "what do you like" on a sexual level.

Why do I hate this question so much? Well for starters, I have learnt that most men are so very eager to please, so naturally they will ask the question direct.... which is great yes. I will give it to men, while women tend to beat around the bush and make it sometimes hard for men to read or understand us, men get straight to the point. So ten points to that! However, "what do I like" has so many different meanings because every man brings to the table something different sexually every time.

For example, I love kissing. I am a very passionate and sensual person and provider. I love slow and sensual, hot and steamy kissing, kissing where it feels so amazing and sexy that it gets me dripping wet and begging for more than just a mouth to mouth pash. This is what I like, actually I lie, its what I love. BUT, I do not "like" this with everyone. So giving everyone this answer, is not going to work for me, because the reality is, some guys don't kiss me to give me that ohh ahh feeling. Some gents lack in the kissing department or perhaps we just both clash. Not every man and women were meant to be sexually in-sync, and that includes kissing. And that's totally okay too! But it just means that I wont necessarily "like" so much if I am with a gent who does sync well with me, or I with him, or perhaps has a different style of kissing to what I really love. Its human nature. We all like different things sexually. No one is perfect, and nor are we meant to be. In my eyes, as I said above, it comes down to a connection between two people that is sometimes better than the next. I must note, what I do REALLY, REALLY like, is a man who has great mouth hygiene, who cleans their teeth prior to a booking, has good breath, and brushes their tongue too! Yes that's right, brush your tongue fellas, makes such a difference :-) (Taylor's Tip 101)

Secondly, I like well performed oral on me. Once again, such a general and broad statement for me to respond to a mans question with this "like" of mine as some guys perform oral AMAZING, like really mind blowing amazing technique, where it leaves me gagging to be fucked (this can get exciting). Others I feel over sensitized, over bearing and I simply don't enjoy it as much as I would like to. Again, that is totally okay. So, I just don't like saying I like oral all of the time... because there are some cases I don't like it, where I don't like it at all. Guys, these little pussy's of ours are sensitive and soft creatures.. please treat them that way (speaking for myself anyway)... gentle and slow wins the race every time for me with oral. Fast tongue action just gets me over sensitive and makes me loose feeling.... perhaps this is a topic for another time....... :-) Next diary I might get in to a little more detail about oral and likes and dislikes. But hats off to the guys that take the time to read the signs of a women when they are giving oral. Some guys I swear are so totally gifted at pleasuring a woman with oral its almost stupid!! (Stupid in a mind blowing way) where it is like I need to wrap my hands around their head and drag their body up to me to get inside me.

Thirdly, well I can gladly say to any gent openly, and no one differs with this one is respect. I like (no sorry I love) a man who shows respect. A man who shows respect toward a woman is such an incredible turn on. Men who are not full of themselves, so sexy! Men who have a lot of power, but still treat you like a princess, so sexy. Men who respect your time and profession, so sexy. Men who actually have maturity and are level headed and know what they want, respectfully... wow so sexy.

Perhaps today's diary makes sense to some, maybe to others it doesn't. However, if at all you do ask a woman "what does she like" just remember you are asking a very open ended question that can be very difficult to respond with a clear and concise answer because the experience you give them that you think she "likes", may be totally different to the experience she had with another man that she actually did like. Or maybe not. For me it is difficult anyway.

I hope February is being kind to you all and as usual, please direct any booking enquiries to me via text in the first instance and or email 0476 243 770 or

Always happy to answer any questions relating to my service and or what I like (**Jokes**)

With Love

Taylor Rose xxxxxx

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