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Inspirational Read of 2017 - Samantha X you Rock!

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So, I have come to the end of one of the most inspiring reads I have glazed my eyes over since reading Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger.

Samantha X, “Hooked”... What can I say!? There is just so much in this book that I can relate to that I almost feel I know Samantha X or “Amanda”.

Girl Power and Drive at its finest – and that is what this industry is very much about. Its about bringing out an inner confidence that was once hiding. It is about putting your best foot forward and not standing for negative bullshit. It is about sticking together and supporting all the amazing women in this industry.

Whilst I did not start my escorting journey by working in a Brothel, I did start out working in the Corporate World for many years as did “Amanda”. For the purposes of MY story, lets refer to my “real life self” as Ms K. My days were long, my weeks were tedious. I was tired, worn out and over sitting behind a desk for 60 hours a week for very little reward, or what was more important for me, any excitement in my life.

I was an Executive Assistant who worked for many “High Flyer Corporate's”. The thing was, I was running their world. Getting them organised, even doing things for their wives. What always did cross my mind was, what would the lives of the wives of these men be like. None of them worked, they seemed to always be traveling or doing lunches with girlfriends and getting their nails painted.... how did I know this, well it was my job to pay the credit cards bills and reconcile receipts from many 5 star restaurants, clothing stores and beauty day spas... was I jealous, hell yes, did I want to be them, hell no, well actually kind of, but I didn’t want to be “owned”. I wanted to be able to do it on my own. I wanted to be able to be the boss of my own destiny. I wanted to run my own show. On the other hand, did I constantly get thoughts of wanting to seduce and fuck their husbands or half the high flying corporates that would walk into my office and the boardroom for big important meetings on a daily basis, or the corporates with whom I would organise their business trips for, did I wonder what they got up to in their hotel rooms while they were away, feeling lonely. Yes I did!

So, I went on for at least another year, miserable and getting more bored by the month with my role. I need new, I needed exciting, I needed to wake up and feel like there was more to life. Enough was enough, I quit, just like that. It was time, I was ready to throw myself in the deep in. I promised myself that I wouldn’t go back to a shit job I hated, purely because starting my own “escorting” business would be hard whilst I was picking up some regular clientele and getting regular cash through the door to pay for the mortgage and bills.

For me it was amazing how quickly things happened, photo-shoot – tick, new wardrobe – tick, advertising – tick, new “work” phone – tick... now lets watch the magic happen. Building a client base at the start does take time. Getting to know the industry and all the little tricks is time consuming. But I wanted to know it all plus more. I did research on a daily basis on other ladies in the industry, I learnt what I “did not” want to be like. I learnt over time after having seen different clients, how men tick and more and more what they need. Like Samantha X I too have learnt that all men are very similar. It isn’t all about the sex and hard intense fuck sessions. Men want more than that. They want to feel loved, they want skin to skin contact via cuddling and kissing, and men love to please. They really do. Whilst most women who don’t come from the industry, think that most men are just pigs and only want to please themselves and have no interest in the emotional and feelings of women, well I can tell you from my point of view this is so far from the truth its not funny. Like really far from the truth, or perhaps I just have really kick arse clientele and regulars who totally love to please.

Samantha X was also so correct when she mentions the amount of Admin that goes behind being an Independent High Class Escort. There are plenty of time wasters that we deal with on a day to day basis, and the phones, texts and emails don’t stop. They are 24/7. And like anything, when you run your own business, you need to keep on top of this. I think with my Corporate background and EA organisational skills, I actually thrive on this part and chatting to and getting to know new personalities is one of the main reasons I feel so grateful to do what I have chosen to do.

I choose this line of work, I love this line of work. Do I have an end date yet... Nope. Do I feel blessed to meet so many incredible man along my journey, men who I build totally different relationships to the next, men who have personality, power and sex appeal because they know what they want.... God Damn I am one lucky Lady.

So I raise my glass to Samantha X for writing such an inspiring read. Cheers to you ! Cheers to Independent Women, cheers to all the women who choose this line of work to become independent, strong and confident. Cheers to never letting anyone tell you otherwise.

And Yes! I agree Samantha X, I wont be able to kick my addiction any time soon to the best job in the world either XoX

Love Taylor Rose

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