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Grand Prix Week gets me so fired up!

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The is nothing better when big festivals or big events happen in my home town of Melbourne.

I love the excitement, I love the vibe, I love seeing people having fun and really indulging in the good times that the Grand Prix offers.

I also love this time of year, because I for many years was blessed to be able to stand on the grid as a Grid Girl. There is nothing more exhilarating than standing on the main stretch with my flag pole, when the race cars zoom and veer around you in order to get their place on the grid. Wow.... My heart skips a beat thinking about it.

I love car enthusiasts and I love men who love this sport... So, are you down for the Grand Prix, are you living in Melbourne and coming in to watch the race and looking for some fun afterwards. Come and share your fun with someone who shares the love for the sport!

Bring on the Red Ferrari.... I'm ready.. are you ! ?

Love Taylor Rose XoX

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