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Exploding with Gratitude - My 1 Year Escort Anniversary

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I am coming on to my one year anniversary since I made a big life change and started escorting. I felt the need to share my happiness and gratitude to all of my amazing clients.

I've never felt happier in my place in life, and I feel so grateful to be where I am today. When I first began escorting, I would question what I was doing and why, I guess it has that cross over period where you listen too much of what society thinks and says. My escorting life is private and always will be, however it doesn't stop those thoughts of "what the" iin the early days. I left an ever consuming corporate world gig as a Personal Assistant, one that would see me leave home before day light, and return when the sun was going down. A role that saw me stressed out to the max and sit at my desk and be in a miserable state. Enough was Enough.... One thing that did get me off however, was men in suits, perhaps it was the tradies on my lunch break I would see, or the gentlemen enjoying a lunch on Southbank that looked miserably unhappy, perhaps not getting enough cock in mouth treatment at home. All these sexy men of different ages, nationalities, status, and roles in life. Day after day, thoughts consumed me about being on the "dark" side.. Knowing I loved sex, and pleasing a man more than anything, I started to wonder what life would be like as a High Class Escort. What would it be like to be the woman who would please these men, perhaps on their lunch break, on their business trip, or whenever they needed that release from reality. As a go getter in life... I couldn't let these thoughts consume myself anymore. Something needed to be done.... THEN..... Taylor Rose was born. She was seductive, she was fierce, she was sexy, she was private and she was ready to satisfy all of your fantasies.

I've never felt more in my element a year later. I want to share more of my thoughts as I feel so lucky to call myself a High Class Escort. Yes I am super proud of what I do and how much I have grown from the line of work I currently do.

As a fairly new advertiser on Scarlet Blue, I hope to meet many of you who choose to find your companion on here. I am a Melbourne High Class Escort, and I hope I can meet many of you along my journey. Lets share secrets together, because the secrets we share will always be that. your reality will be left outside in the time you are with me. There are no limits. Lets share some memories together. I cannot wait to hear from you. Love Taylor Rose.

PS. New photos coming in the next week. I can't wait to share with you x

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