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Dinner Dessert Bookings and why I love them so much!

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Why do I love Dinner/Dessert Bookings so much you may ask? There is nothing better than having the extra time with a gentleman, in order to get to know who he is, what his story is and have discussions that he perhaps would not feel confident in telling anyone else but his lady of the night. I love a man who can feel confident and trust me where he will open up and really take himself out of reality for the night and indulge in a little fantasy world.

Dinner Dessert packages have become my favorite way to pamper a man and have become very popular under my booking diary. I feel truly grateful to be able to dine at some of Melbourne's most amazing restaurants and to have experiences that I would not otherwise have. The one thing that really turns me on, is when a gentleman books me as his date for a dinner dessert, and when he has the whole night planned out. a man who has picked a restaurant, a man that chooses menu items, and of course there is NOTHING on this planet that is sexier than a man who knows his wines and selects for me to enjoy. It really is an experience like no other. I love the looks of the diners as we enter the restaurant and other gentlemen look in awe of the man who is on my arm.

For a man who knows exactly what he wants, a dinner dessert booking is the perfect way to spend an evening in town with a woman who can hold herself and really get into in depth conversations, where they never dry up, and where he will end the night wondering why he had not done this sooner.

I have always said, money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy amazing memories. Perhaps you like to sky dive, or go on a few fast laps around a race track as memories purchase, or perhaps you are wanting to do something more daring like book a lovely lady to share a fine dining experience with, and then indulge in the most amazing dessert you will have ever tasted. Don't waste time wondering about the what ifs. After all, Life is way to short to have regrets.... not booking some "time out" could be the biggest regret of your life.. You work hard, so enjoy the spoils that most others wouldn't be able to.

Life is Precious, make memories, have fun and do it in style.

Love Taylor Rose x

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