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Coming on 2 Years - What I have personally learnt on my journey as an Escort and Companion so Far.

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What I have learnt on my journey as an Escort so far.

As it is coming up to my almost two year anniversary working in this industry I love so much, I thought it was only fitting to note down 4 main things that I have personally learnt about myself and this world along the way. I feel I have come so far and grown so much as a person. I truly am grateful for that because there was a lot I used to think I knew but I didn’t. While I know learning never ends, I do feel so much more confident, equipped and in control of my role as a companion and escort every single day. So, what is it that I have learnt so far, and please note that this is purely based on MY OWN experience, every other WL would have their own journey and own experience and views. This is simply some light reading bout my own personal thoughts:

1. Staying true to myself: When I first started in this industry, I worked for another person. I was not in control of who I was about, what service I was to provide, how I should act, think and talk. At the start I thought well that’s just the way it is. You work for someone, so they must know best how to market you. How wrong I was. Many months in, I became so detached and almost depressed from myself, I wasn’t living my true self. I wasn’t giving the service that I felt comfortable giving, I was acting and talking the way I thought I was meant to. I came to the point I was really unhappy and thought what have I done. It also reflected in the clients that I was then being put forward to. I had no say or no choice in who I saw. It wasn’t a nice feeling at all. I soon came to realise that if I were to survive in this industry, I needed to be true to what I was about, who I was and how I wanted to be reflected, and the sort of clients I wanted to see. I finally decided it was time to move on and go out independently. It was the best decision I had ever made. Very quickly it showed in the quality of clients I was attracting, the fact that I knew I wasn’t a PSE provider and that I am a very passionate GFE type provider and I could finally run my own ship, exactly how I felt comfortable in doing so. I finally started advertising as a GFE only provider, no more PSE type bookings. I wasn’t putting on stupid acts where I felt totally uncomfortable and outrageous doing, and I wasn’t trying to be someone I am not. I can now and have been for some time, been myself. It is the best feeling in the world. Whilst it comes at a cost in breaking out, finally putting your foot down and deciding to go in a different path to the one that you where previously heading under different direction, where bullying can be thrown upon you, fake bookings and all sorts of other crappy and dangerous situations certain bullies had put me through at the start when I went out on my own, it was a rough trot, but It was worth it. For that I am thankful.

2. What I previously though about men isn’t so true: When I first started out, basically you are thrown in a situation where you have no idea about the industry, and I thought that men buy services of escorts because they want a “smutty” type look, the type you see on Pretty Woman as an example, and that they are all in to hardcore type porn situations. Once again how wrong was I. I know there is plenty of men out there that do love that, and that’s totally cool too, however, the clientele that I market too are just like myself. They want passion. They want deep French and sensual kissing. They want to be slowly touched and caressed. They want to feel wanted. It wasn’t all about the wham bam thank you maam. Thank goodness I learnt this along the way, because me trying to put on a hardcore porn star type service would see me looking a fool over time... I actually cringe at the thought now. Its not me, its not what I am personally into. My personal style is slow and sensual, I love kissing. Sex is Sex, however what comes first I think is paramount to how a booking will turn out. Getting to know someone by every inch of their body is such a sexy thing to do. So, I have said it before and I will say it again, if you are looking for a wild out there Porn Start experience, I am not your girl. There are plenty of amazing girls on Scarlet Blue who would be able to provide you that kind of PSE service and more, its just not me and I am very open and honest about that now. Before I worked for myself... I just put on what I look at now is an embarrassing act... **Cringe**

3. Meeting new gents: Variety is the spice of life: Its true, variety Is the spice of life, and I also believe that any person can build many amazing and different relationships with many different people. Each and every one is special, personal and amazing. Since I became selective on who I see, my world has flipped upside down. The relationships on an escort/client level really leave my life feeling full. Sometimes I have clients say to me, you must say that to everyone. No, I am black and white. I am now a fiercely independent woman now and wouldn’t stay in any situation that I didn’t want to be in. I would rather cut my losses than even spend even an hour with someone who doesn’t fit with what I feel will add to my life, and if the situation came up where I walked into a booking and I wasn’t comfortable I would quite happily and confidently say sorry however I wont be in the moment, so its best we go our own ways, please take your money home with you. Yes we all have bills to pay, however not at the cost of having a mental break down after coming out of a booking that may leave you banging your head against the wall. I am very lucky to say that since being out on my own, each and every booking that I have had, have been pure quality, engaging and an absolute pleasure to be a part of. I no longer see a client because I feel I “have to”. I will ALWAYS speak up when I feel I need to. No one should feel uncomfortable or in a situation that they don’t want to be. Not a WL, not a Client. No-one!

4. Loving myself wholeheartedly: When I came into this industry and worked for someone I found it tough, as I said earlier, I was told how I should act, who I should be etc. It drove me to feeling so unhappy and unconfident, which as a usually confident person, was slowly eating me away. Since I went out on my own, my self confidence came back, because I found myself again and remembered who I was and what I was about. I could give my all to my clients and feel at home in bookings again. I didn’t have to pretend that I loved who I was because I was putting on a stupid act not being myself, that, quite frankly is hard to keep up! And mentally very draining. For the last year and more since being independent, I have felt so confident about my journey and loved what I was about. I do not try and be like anyone else. I have found my own niche that works for me. Its good to feel like you know your place. And I finally found mine a long time ago when in my eyes I was “set free”. Sounds pretty “Arty Farty” but that’s the only way I can describe it.

My biggest lesson was learning that there is no such thing as competition in the escorting world. It is almost a crazy thing for anyone to think so. Every escort has a reason that they are loved by a client. Every escort has their own personality, their own look, their own service. Every escort has their own special traits that will be loved by different people. We cannot all be liked by anyone. That is my biggest lesson. JUST BE YOURSELF. That way, the best clients that are meant to come into your life will.

Have an amazing week and keep smiling. Be true to yourself and don’t try have anyone tell you what you should be in this lifetime, because there is only one of you, so live it, love it and never let anyone take that from you.

With Love

Taylor Rose XoX

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