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Bullying and the Ugly side of the Industry

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As a very positive person in life, its so sad that I felt the need to write a diary to get a few things off my chest in regard to the downside of the industry that I am slowly learning.

Twitter and other social media platforms can be a very positive and negative experience in my eyes. I have meet some really incredible ladies in this industry. Women that lift you up, that stick together, that have no other concerns than worrying about their own business and that realise that if you stick together then its a really supportive and strong community. Then there is the very sad reality that the other side is that there will be a very small majority that will choose to spend their time trying to bring others down, focus on negativity and doing all they can to literally tare you down to nothing. I sadly have been a victim to this recently, however I guess that the positive to it is knowing that I am not alone, and the even more scarey part is that it is surprising how many other amazing ladies in this industry have copped similar experiences from where they stand. And only yesterday it came to light that there are even groups that are specifically been made up to bully, intimidate and try knock other WL's down. Why, I honestly cant even wrap my head around who would have the time let alone want to live in such a negative mindset or try rip others down. It really is beyond me.

The sort of things that I have encountered in my time is fake bookings, many fake accounts set up to try make defamatory comments and many, many prank calls and private number calling over and over again. What the perpetrators sometimes forget is these things can be very traceable and the only thing that comes out of it is the fact that the only person they will hurt in the long run is themselves.

With all that is going on in this world, how people can still live in such a negative and hurtful surrounding to want to find time to do what they do in order to attempt to kick others down. Its the sad reality and one that I never want to be part of.

Its not hard to try and be a good person, do the right thing and just focus on your own business and worry about the things that matter, like your own life, your own family and friends and your own individuality.

All I can say is to those who have been in a similar situation is to stay strong, lift others up not down, don't succumb ever to want to "payback" or try fight a person who no matter what wont see the serious wrong doings that they do, because quite frankly in most cases these people wont see what their actions do or cause behind the scenes, and more so, they wouldn't care anyway.

Be a kind person, do the right thing, worry about your own life and business, focus on the positive, life is short and shouldn't be lived trying to knock others down. Focus on what is important, look after one another and band together to make the industry a stronger one, not one where people turn against one another. Its soul destroying and it is no way to live.

The even bigger reality of all of this is for all those who live in Melbourne and for those who would have heard about the siege in Melbourne just yesterday in Brighton. It was only found out that it was an Escort who was booked and held up as a hostage in the situation by the man who caused the terrorist act. Ladies! Stick together, hearing this type of news makes you realise how small of a world it is and that everyone needs to stick together, support one another and just lift one another up. My sincere wishes and love go out to that lady who was booked and caught up in that situation. May love and light allow you to gain the strength to carry on with being you.

From one Working Lady to another Working Lady, stay safe out there, keep away from negativity and know that there are some seriously amazing people out there who will support, lift up and inspire always.

With Love Taylor Rose XoX

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