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Yesterday I had yet another request “outside” of what my actual service is that I provide. That being a passionate Girlfriend Experience. These requests come through at least once a week. And by “these requests” I mean gents messaging me asking if I would do “such and such” for extra money or even though I am a GFE provider, would you be happy for me to as example “finger fuck” you, do anal, real dirty talk etc etc. (haha try get me to dirty talk… boy oh boy I sound stupid, you would end up in fits of laughter… Acting is one thing I am not good at!)

I have no issue in the question being asked (even though if my profile was read in its entirety the answer would be there in writing). I guess some guys think they would be the exception to the rule and that I might consider them as a good potential client to want to do these things outside of what I am comfortable in providing. What I do have an issue with is, why would anyone want to do something with someone, paid or not, if the other party is clearly not comfortable with it in the first place. Does money make someone feel better about doing something outside one’s comfort zone? I provide a service that I WANT to provide. I am here as a companion because I LOVE what I do. I have a genuine passion for people and for being able to make some kind of difference in someone’s life. And that means something different for each and every person.

For me, I always like to reverse the situation. Say for example it was me requesting the services of a male escort, and I asked him to cook eggs and bacon off my pussy, while juggling 6 tennis balls and kissing my feet at the same time and he got really uncomfortable when asking him to do this (I could feel his vibe over and above) but I offered him an extra $400 to do this. This male escort was clearly not cool with it, and wouldn’t be having a good time while doing it either. But he still accepted because of the extra payment. In my eyes, there would be nothing more awkward, unsexy and shit than having someone do something with me that I knew deep down they didn’t want to do, and they were doing it simply because I paid for it. No thanks! Each to their own, I just couldn’t do that.

For me, my service takes place because I want it too. I see clients who I want to see and I see clients who make me feel good, whole and complete. I see clients who show me a good time and who want to fully indulge in the good time I wish to show them. I would hate to ever be in a situation that I simply didn’t enjoy and no amount of money will make me do that either. I have turned down many potential clients based on this, including clients asking for a second booking after having already had a first, because for me it didn’t feel right, and yes they do take offense and take it personally. It has nothing to do with them as a person, but more to do with what their expectations of the actual “service” was. I always explain that there are many beautiful, incredible companions out there and every escort has their own limits and set of services. So, choose accordingly. If I say no to a second booking, it is generally because I simply felt that there would be a better companion for that particular client. Perhaps it was that they were seeking a more “out there” PSE type service or extras that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing. I want everyone to have a good time, so if that means being honest and letting a client know that I feel that a different companion would be better suited then shoot me down for being honest.

I know I would rather someone be honest with me, than be pushed into a situation that they didn’t really want to be in. Be with an escort who genuinely wants to be with you. Be with an escort where the time feels natural. Not where you feel the whole transaction is just that. Yes, there is the transaction side, there always will be. But amazing, long term client/companion relationships can build when you really take your time to do your research and pick the right companion for YOU!

What can I provide you ask? I am your passionate Girlfriend Experience provider. I can provide you with comfort, passion, smiles, touch, conversation, compassion and hopefully the feeling of being safe when in my company. I like to think that when we part from our time that you feel whole. That you feel a sense of calm and also a sense of excitement from the time that we had. Perhaps it gives you something a little special to think about after we have parted ways. If you walk away feeling like you have gained even a small special memory from our time then I too will feel I made the right choice in seeing you.

Take the time when selecting your companion. Take the time to read their profile in its entirety. Does the escort sound like they would have anything in common with you? Do you get a good vibe from the what the potential companion has told you about them on their profile? An image can only show you so much. And that also doesn’t always show you the complete picture. If your potential companion allows an initial phone call to say hi, take up that opportunity to get that first connection. Give yourself a little glimpse by listening to your potential companion’s voice and allow yourself to build the anticipation a little more prior to your meet.

Choosing, booking and then finally meeting a companion really is something special and can bring some perhaps much needed sunshine into your life. Whether you need some affection, good conversation, to explore some of your deepest desires, or any other reason that brings you to this amazing world of companionship. Be sure to take the time to select the right lady for you.

Have a fabulous week and thank you for taking another little glimpse into the world of Taylor Rose by taking the time to read my diary for October.

Lots of Love Taylor Rose xoxo

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