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Count down to Mid Year! What the!? Seriously, where has this year gone!

I have returned from a mid year break that was definitely needed. Sun, fun, lots of eating and drinking and relaxing. Whoever said that taking a few weeks off, away from the norm doesn’t do any good needs to try the whole holiday thing. So important for both physical, mental and emotional health!

So on that note, now that I am back and slipping nicely back into my normal routine, I thought I would write a fun June diary (like most of my diary entries, very light hearted indeed) and do the question/answer meme that a few people had passed over to me to answer. Just a little more of an insight into the life of Taylor Rose. Maybe we have something in common? Maybe we have something that we can challenge each other on. Who knows, but below are the questions and then my answer. A fun facts, 28 questions. So here goes.

1. My Height
168cm Tall.

2. Shoe Size
Size 9

3. Do you Smoke?

4. Do you drink?
Yes, I love a good French Champagne and a beautiful Shiraz in Winter. I love nothing more than a man who knows his wines and can select for me when out based on knowing a little bit about me and my tastes. Very Sexy Indeed!

5. Age you haven been mistaken for?
I generally get told I look between 28 – 30

6. Have Tattoos?
No I have never been a tattoo kind of girl. I am totally tattoo free. I do however find arm sleeves very sexy on a women, just not on me.

7. Want and Tattoos?
See above, I love seeing good art work on others, however I have no intentions of getting any ink.

8. Got any piercings?
I have my ears pierced. When I was in my early 20’s I did have a naval piercing, many more ear piercings and a tongue and nose ring (a tiny little diamond). I removed them all after only one year of having them. Just wasn’t me and a phase I guess I went through.

9. Want any piercings?
As above, after having removed all but my ear piercings, I would not get any piercings in the future.

10. Biggest turn ons:
A man who is humble and not cocky. A well dressed man. A man who smells amazing and can choose aftershave accordingly. A man with super good hygiene and good breath :0) A man with intelligence and smarts and is good at what he does. Not asking much right?

11. Biggest turn offs:
Bad Breath, bitching and bad kissers

12. Favourite Movie
For a good laugh, White Chicks. For incredible inspiration – 12 Strong.
My all time favourite would have to be Dirty Dancing. And yes, Pretty Woman… Is there anything better than the story of the Prostitute who is swept off her feet by a powerful Businessman. A good Love story gets me all the time.

13. I will love you if?
You show me respect, a good time and allow me to show you a good time and have a laugh with me. Oh and if you smell amazing.. Yep! I will say it again nothing beats sexy cologne.

14. A fact about my personality:
I am an extremely easy going woman who is very black and white. I say it as it is, and sometimes butt heads with others for this reason. But those who know me love me for it. Honesty is best policy right?

15. What I hate most about myself?
That I didn’t find this line of work earlier. But things happen for a reason. I have never felt more free, empowered and healthy. I love what I do, I love the people I meet and I wish I had the balls to leave a very unhappy working existence a long time ago.

16. What I love most about myself?
That I have grown strong enough to be able to easily say “No” now. And no do things or see people “Just because”. I believe in meaningful and positive relationships, and I choose to say No to anything or anyone who does not bring positivity or good vibes to my life.

17. What I want to be in the future?
To be honest, I don’t think too far ahead as life can change at any moment, so I try to live for the moment. All I know is that I love to make people feel special. I see myself being able to make a difference in peoples lives until to the day I die. And of course not specifically in this industry as I will not be escorting my entire life, but after my escorting career is over, I see myself in a line of work where I am able to help others. Whatever that may be I am not sure yet. For now, I know that I love what I do and that’s all that matters at this point of my life.

18. My idea of a perfect date:
Having a lovely meal at a place that has good ambience, whether that be at a fun pub, restaurant etc with special company. A good champagne or wine. Good music and vibe. Finishing off in a nice bubble bath with tunes, good conversation and laughs. I love laughing. I love any date that can have a joke, not take life to seriously and have conversation that makes us forget the rest of the world in the time we are together. And Music! Music is a must!

19. Description of the person I like?
I like all kinds of people, this job has taught me this more than anything. I am not into a man who is ripped and all he cares about is his body. To me its actually a turn off as they become so vain and all about themselves. I feel sometimes guys get it wrong and think that that is what all women want. For me, I like a person who is smart, intelligent and funny over everything else. Size actually means nothing to me, as long as they care about their own hygiene. A good heart and sense of humour is everything. I like more than anything a man who I can laugh with and be my true self, a bit silly and carefree. Oh and yep, sorry younger men, I like older men… Yup! Ekk First time I have said that out allowed. Maturity is everything!

20. What I find attractive in Women?
A woman who is happy for other women's success, a woman who doesn’t bitch and moan. A woman who has the confidence to stand up for herself and her friends without being cocky. And I love brunettes!

21. What I find attractive in Men?
A man who knows what he wants, and wont stop until he gets it and doesn't hurt anyone along the way. A man who isn't afraid to tell the world how much he loves a woman. A man who talks positive and lovingly of his other half.

22. Where I would like to live?
Whilst I haven't done a whole lot of travel in my time, I never really got the travel bug, all I know is somewhere warm. Somewhere where its is a relaxed vibe and the locals are friendly. I also love space. So somewhere where there is space to move and where I could build a big purpose built Gym

23. My childhood career choice?
From the moment I left school I always wanted to be an Executive Assistant. That is what I did for 11 years alongside of being a Personal Trainer.

24. My favourite ice cream flavour?
Honeycomb crunch or white chocolate Vanilla. Cookies and Cream goes alright too!

25. Who I wish I could be?
My Cat! Quite possibly the most spoilt feline on the planet!

26. Where I want to be right now?
Someplace warm

27. The last thing I ate?
A delicious chicken salad with Avocado and a Pepsi Max.

27. Who do you wish you could have dinner with?
Richard Branson and George Clooney.

So if you are still with me, and didn’t tune out at question 2, thanks for reading this far. I love doing these fun questionnaires as it is such an easy and fun way to get to know others. Maybe I should print this out and have a bit of fun with some of my regular clients

I love hearing from clients so if you ever have any fun ideas on what you might like to see ore of on my escort diary entries please give me a hoy! Like I have said before, I like to keep my diary entries as fun and light hearted as possible.

Have a fantastic June my Lovers and Friends and I hope to see some of you soon!

With Love
Taylor Rose xox

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