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Why a social date is for you :)

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I want to take a short moment of your time to tell you about my different social date experiences.

Last year I introduced a 2 hour package (split 1&1 between social and intimate) that has been overwhelming popular and very quickly became one of my favourite booking types. The social part of the booking takes place in a private setting as opposed to dining out. This offers a great level of privacy for us to get to know each other if you are a new client or catch up if you are an existing client. I really believe this casual and slow beginning to a date does set us up for a deeper level of enjoyment when we naturally progress to the bedroom.

I also really enjoy putting together a small fruit and cheese platter and selecting a wine to share (I can provide any drink of your choice really!)

The next date I want to talk about is my dinner dates which are generally a 4 hour package but since having much stronger connections with my clients I now offer extended dinner date packages to reflect the growing relationships. Of course these extended dinner dates can be booked for first dates, however I would recommend a 4 hour to start with

I simply love dinner dates, I love wining and dining. I love getting dressed up and I love experiencing new restaurants and food. I always feel so spoilt when being taken out to dinner and I am truly grateful for all the clients who enjoy my company in this way. I love getting to know my clients and it gives us the perfect environment to relax and enjoy honest conversations and human connection.

If it isn’t just getting lost in the bedroom that you crave, but a deeper connection and deeper intimacy, If you are a discreet man who likes to relax in private or if you’d like a hot date to take out to dinner, these 2 date options are for you

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