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I have always had a naughty dream about meeting and having some exciting play time with another lady. Let me tell you how my story goes…

Needing something tantalizing, I’ve walked into a Lingerie shop to browse their sexy sets.

Finding many delectable pieces, I take a few items to the change room to try on. Not being sure of my bra size I ask the very sexy Shop Assistant for some help. She is wearing a fitted tight black silhouette skirt with a white sheer blouse which shows the sexy virginal white satin bra underneath beautifully along with lacy panties and black killer heels. She’s so hot!!!

Bernadette is her name. She introduces herself and offers to check my bra size. I stand there anticipating her touch.

I strangely feel myself getting very aroused and Bernadette has also sensed this. She starts the ball rolling by asking me have I ever felt another woman’s touch. I say that I have but she is quick to reiterate “No, have you really felt another woman’s touch?” I know what she means, but am happy to be coy about this. I say to her “You’ll have to show me, what you mean”.

With that, she seductively kisses my lips & runs her hands all over my trembling body. In a heartbeat, I am naked in the dressing room with Bernadette showing me her skilled technique in making love to another woman.

I shudder mercilessly with orgasm after orgasm under Bernadette’s skilful touch. She smiles wickedly & indicates that she wants me to return the attention. She is seated on the chair in the dressing room & beckons me to act out every fantasy that I have ever dreamt about. OMG, I am living out my own fantasy!!!

Needless to say, I have become a regular visitor to my little Lingerie Shop & hopefully on your next visit, you’ll be able to see the beautiful pieces that I have bought, which Bernadette helped me choose. I’d be happy to describe my wicked fantasy as part of your visit.

Till next time.
Susie. X

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