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My Naughty Female/Female Encounter.

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Gianna, who is a current client of my male partner, Tom, had booked to spend time with only myself to explore her curiosity in what it would be like to spend some girl on girl time. Tom had mentioned that Gianna had been curious about how it would be to spend time with just another lady.

Earlier the previous week we’d all met for a coffee in order to assess the dynamic between us. From the time I’d met Gianna, I sensed a mutual attraction & knew that this time spent together would be very erotic & sensual.

Tom sensed this connection also & was deeply envious of what was about to take place without him and excused himself knowingly so as Gianna & I could have some private girl chat. Gianna was extremely excited about our impending rendezvous & naturally was keen to ask how it would all evolve.

When the time came, I greeted Gianna in the foyer of my apartment complex & we headed up in the lift. She was clearly excited & nervous. I gave her a reassuring touch in the lift, so as she knew that I was just as excited as she was.

We entered the apartment & sat on the leather lounge sipping a glass of wine in order to break the ice. Gianna had booked for 2 hrs, so there was no rush to move straight into some “girl time”.

There was clearly an extremely strong attraction between us as we exchanged some playful & reassuring touching over our glass of wine.

Gianna excused herself to freshen up & now it was my turn to move this exciting experience forward. I undressed to reveal red lace bra & panties with my black high heels, Gianna’s face lit up with delight as she came out of the bathroom and she clearly liked how she was greeted.

She nervously moved towards me for our first lingering kiss. Gianna’s lips were beautiful & soft and we kissed passionately for what seemed a long time. I stood back & slid Gianna out her dress to reveal a beautiful black lace bra & panties which complimented her tanned skin.

We both slowly & intimately removed our underwear and I led her to the bed where we laid together, embraced, kissed & explored each other’s beautiful bodies. I had experienced the couples experience with & without Tom, but just being part of a 2 girl experience was far different in that it was just us with no distractions & no urgency.

Naturally, Gianna was keen for me to take charge & I moved my mouth to her eager breasts & to her pulsating honeypot. This was a truly beautiful sensation & it wasn’t long before we were both entangled in each other’s heavenly bodies experiencing something that we both hadn’t really experienced previously. The exploration & mutual giving of extreme pleasure lasted for what seemed hours until our time was over.

Our bodies were both rocked by multiple mutual orgasms, the types that only women truly know how to give & receive from a woman. We were both insatiated & totally spent at the end of our lovemaking session.

Without a word, we both headed into the bathroom & completed our time together under a beautiful warm shower where we soaped each other’s bodies lovingly, then drying each other’s bodies gently with warm soft fluffy towels.

That was my first genuine female/female experience (with no distractions) & I definitely hope that it won’t be my last. Gianna has been in contact since & we’ve arranged another catch up for the end of July. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.

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