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Work life vs personal life

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I’ve never written an escort diary but something happened to me yesterday that really made me appreciate my clients much more . I decided to be honest about my job with someone in my personal life . It was against my best judgement and I instantly regretted it but I’m not usually a secretive person and most people in my life know about my job so it wasn’t easy keeping this to myself but as this person was a possible love interest I decided I would tell him when I was ready. He was very curious as to what I was keeping from him and would say things like “how can I get to know you if you aren’t open with me” and “if you have secrets then I’ll have secrets” to which I would reply something like “I’ll tell you eventually just not yet” .. I see now this was classic manipulation. Anyway it didn’t go down well . The fact that I was an escort apparently wasn’t a problem but I only had one request and that was to please not ask questions about it ... anyway all he did was ask questions and it ended up getting very heated as I didn’t want to answer them and was angry he wasn’t respecting my boundaries and wishes..
long story short it made me appreciate how many beautiful respectful clients I have had lately . They all respect my wishes and boundaries and I’m lucky to have them ️

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