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I am an explorer, a traveller. Having the chance to explore where I live, or travelling further afield is one of the reasons that I choose to be in this industry.
Recently I had the opportunity to visit with a client, Far North Queensland. I was awestruck. What a truly beautiful part of Australia. My favourite spot was Port Douglas and I experienced a number of highlights:

4 Mile beach, walking hand in hand to find a secluded spot. To be fair this was very easy as there was so few people on it. Just a local on his bike riding the beach with his dog. Absolute serenity.For those that know me, I love to sunbathe topless or naked, this beach was just perfect for this. I am not going to kiss and tell, but my client and I will never forget it.

Nautilus Restaurant. This place has a reputation, and it was fab. Dining under the stars, in the tropical rainforest, dining on a 10 course degustation with matching wines. So romantic. What girl doesn’t love being spoilt. After dinner cocktails and a stroll back to our accommodation completed the evening.

Hartleys Crocodile Farm. Now I’m sorry these things scare the living out of me. We went on a little boat around their lake, and watched crocs jumping up to get the food offered to them. I know it is staged, but that is close enough for me. The snap of their jaws, oh my goodness.

Ellis Beach Pub. Loved this place. Sitting on the veranda in my bikini, client in his boardies, drinking a Great Northern, bliss. On the way back to Cairns we stopped there for breakfast, and it was great.The sun rising over the beach, the freedom campers surfacing from their sleeper vans, time moves very slowly, just perfect.
I do like nice things in life, sometimes. A pub like this I love, laid back, good food, atmosphere, great company, no make-up, hair a mess just chillin out.

Before we knew it our long weekend was over, and it was back to Cairns and fly back to Brisbane.

Long extended dates such as this are my favourite, I call it my Platinum Rox indulgence. These take a bit of planning and pre work, however once we get away and connect we will indulge in activities that we will both never forget. I have been very fortunate to have had a number of these bookings, and many clients return for more Platinum Rox weekends away. I hope you will take the opportunity and we can explore this beautiful country, my new home, together

Til we meet. xx
Sammi Rox

M: 0455536335

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