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So I have had many people ask me why I have left one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Queenstown (QT) NZ to live and work in Australia. So I thought I would take a few minutes of your time and tell you.

I lived in QT for over 10 years, and yes the place is just amazing, mountains rivers, lakes, skiing, and hiking. I have family in the area. However it is a very small place, where everyone knows each other.

I owned a home there, and property is crazy expensive, demand is high, and available land is scarce, you cant move mountains or a lake to create more space. I was working in a 40 hour week job getting paid not a lot, and things were tough. I had no money to enjoy the activities, and was too tired to do much. Then a high roller was bought in to restructure, cut cost and all that kind of thing.

I was made redundant, big mortgage what was a girl to do.

A previous partner of mine and I were swingers, and I really enjoyed it. The naughtiness of it, the rebellion against what society considers normal. I have a very healthy appetite for both sexes and enjoy the intimacy of a woman as much as I do a man. I was at an event in QT that we organised having a great time when I had a lightbulb moment…

Why on earth was I doing this and not getting a financial reward?

So that was it, I took some basic pics, put some words down, and my ad went up on NZ Girls and all of a sudden I was an escort. I hid my face and a couple of the small tattoos I have, as being a small town I had to be discrete.

I did well, clients came to me, many many returned. I was able to tour NZ and was busy everywhere I went. The hourly rate we charge over there is a lot lower than here, however there was plenty of clients.

I even bought an investment apartment which I used to work from, walk to if I had a big night in town, rent to other working girls. Life was good.
Then one of my friends found out what I was doing. I was completely ostracised from my group of friends. No one wanted anything to do with me, stares at the supermarket. As mentioned I have family there and I did not want them to find out. I was bullied by a couple of my so called friends, mainly when they were behind a keyboard.

I was miserable and very very lonely. Sure the money was still good but I could not cope with where I was. This was small town mentality at its very worst!!

So I decided to sell my house, all my furniture, and make a fresh start here in Australia. I enjoy it here. The escort industry here is completely different. You have to treat what you do as a business, however the potential to earn more is unlimited. The best part is I can walk the street, visit the mall and walk around completely incognito, with my head held high, I was unable to do this in QT

I hope this gives you an insight into me as a person. What I do is not about selling just sex. I want to make a positive difference to each and every person I meet. I am now starting to build a client base, this has taken time. I have a couple of sexy doubles partners, and am touring extensively in 2017.

For more info please email, or txt 0455536335

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