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As a mature companion I have always felt the pressure of needing to advertise myself at a younger age to “compete” in this industry with girls half my age. (Please don’t take compete the wrong way as I consider all girls in this industry my peers, some my best friends) What I have begun to realise is that this is not the case. Women my age deserve to be in this industry, we offer a service that is desired, and hiding behind a false age is not required.

This is a big step for me, I have had many many sleepless nights, I have had conversations with my friends in and out of the industry, all of whom have been unanimous in their support. Be myself, be proud and be confident in who I am.
SO.....I am proud to say that:

I am 43 years old.
My Body. My Spirit, My Mind have never been stronger
I feel more beautiful now than ever

Over the next few months I have many projects planned:  I've had new pictures taken with a photographer friend, a professional photoshoot in September which produced some stunning photos, let me know what you think and I have another professional shoot booked for beginning of December. All will be showcasing my different looks and themes, I am aiming to get into Black Label, Picture magazine, celebrating my mid 40's.

To my clients thank you for your bookings, your love and your support.

The balance of 2017 is full of tours around Australia and New Zealand.

I look forward to sharing special moments with you now and into the foreseeable future.

Luv Samantha xx

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