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Journey - Becoming an Escort in 2019

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It’s exciting. Secretive. A little 007, but so much more…I’m finding that becoming an escort for the first time is like entering a whole new world that also requires a whole new set of skills - and I don’t just mean skills in the bedroom! I equate it to being like the different skill sets that are required between writing a book and being a successful author. While the written book may be brilliant, it has to be edited, published, distributed, and have a strong marketing campaign behind it in order for it to be widely read and a financial and/or critical success. Although a writer may have a strong creative mind, a good business mind never goes astray.

So too in this industry. Although I have a degree, it isn’t a business degree – and this is certainly like starting any business. These are just a few of the things that I’ve had to think about:

• Deciding who will ‘read my book’ – i.e. who will like me; suit me; want to see me; the likely demographic of my clientele.

• Determining – when I find the demographic of my clientele - what they will possibly desire from me regarding services.

• Navigating ways to distinguish myself as original and special in a state where it is not legal to describe services.

• Finding ways to show the different sides to me as a woman and as a service provider – the ‘sweet’ and the ‘sinful’.

• Deciding how to market myself in an already saturated market of wonderful professional women - there are so many established and successful ‘authors’ out there already. While I don’t want to overexpose myself (no pun intended) and would like to remain both elite and like a hidden and rare gem (like a fine wine that can only be purchased in select locations), I also want to ensure that the clients that I’m wanting to attract can find me.

• Understanding how to start a drive and create a buzz around my product – me!

• Ensuring that the gentlemen that I want as clientele will also want me (hopefully again and again), by presenting and providing the best of myself as both a professional business woman and a sensual, erotic, sexual companion.

• Learning how to maintain my own health and safety by screening a potential client while still maintaining his need for privacy as much as possible.

I have also had to educate myself in regard to the laws of escort work in Victoria. For example, it was only today that I read that an escort in Victoria is not legally permitted to offer ‘natural services’. Although offering this hadn’t entered my mind, I am glad that I happened to stumble on that information as it is something that many just entering the field would not even realise. Boy, it’s a minefield out there! Luckily, I’m a quick learner.

So, here I am – a health-science educated woman who is just beginning to find my way in this new and exhilarating environment – learning business, law and the fine art of seduction all in one. It almost requires a degree of its own ;). I’ve read that successfully marketing and selling a book is more of a long-distance run rather than a sprint – and there is no finish line. Hopefully after gaining all of this knowledge though, my ‘book’ will be a best-seller.

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