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Face out, or not so much

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So it appears the new trend for escorts is blog writing; who’d have thought anyone would really be too interested or care for our opinion or thoughts! How I am mistaken. I thought I would kick off this blog with the age old topic of “why don’t you/will you” show your face. Now, I get asked this on a regular basis, right along with “do you do anything else” (see next blog maybe), so I thought I would answer it, for me personally, as my first blog.

Will I ever show my face? Let’s see, the long and short answer is: No! Why? There are numerous reasons but in the end it all boils down to privacy. I am an incredibly private person and I love that I have two lives. There is “Remy”, then there is me. While Remy and myself obviously are one and the same, I can choose to be who I want when the time suits me and should the time “Remy” no longer suits me, I can walk away and she is no longer anything more than an incredibly expensive bottle of cognac.

Am I going to be in this industry forever? of course not, I see escorting as a stage of my life right now that I enjoy that suits me, my purposes, my goals, my wants, and I am ok with that. For now. That is not to say that in a few years that I want to have it brought up again. You might think that sounds like I am ashamed; let it be said I am not ashamed in any way of what I do. But who knows where this life will take me, and I do not ever want to have opportunities taken away from me for something I have chosen previously in my life.

I often have wished I was face out so I could join along with escort empowerment and rights (actually, its decided, that will be my next topic), but in general I am an extremely private person (isn’t that funny coming from someone who has an entire twitter dedicated to mostly naked pictures of myself) and the thought of some random coming up to me whilst I am at dinner with my dad, brother, best friend, colleague or so on does NOT appeal to me. I have heard endless stories of SW’s being approached in supermarkets, in the street, at a coffee shop etc, and whilst this can still happen being a non face out escort, this is made worse by the fact of your face plastered all over the internet that is next to indelible to get rid of. No thanks. That is perfectly ok for some girls, and power to them for it, but it just isn’t for me.

I also feel that by being face out, another side to not only YOUR privacy but the privacy of your client is lost. Again it being said, almost anything that makes it to the internet these days is there for good, and perhaps you the client are incredibly private too and do not wish to be recognised with an escort.

Lastly, for me it comes down to travel. Travel, ah my one love, my passion, travel is my life. I adore travel and plan to keep travelling until the day I die, I want to see every corner of the earth and all that is in between. With the way technology is progressing and and the lack of progression towards escort rights and acceptance (oh yes, see next blog on this, it’s going to be an eyeopening one), it could soon be that you are banned from entry into certain countries because on facial recognition search pulls up the red flag that you are an escort. Before you know it you get the “I’m sorry ma’am” and they won’t let you in thinking you are trying to work illegally in their country, and then you’re on your way back home and can’t enter the country. It only takes a very quick search online to find what countries prostitution is legal in to find that actually, you’re not welcome to almost 80% of the world. It’s pretty sad really that in this day of “free choice” and acceptance that really, you’re life choices are actually not really accepted at all. Is this a bit extreme, perhaps so, perhaps not, I certainly don’t wish to find out.

I just wanted to say I mean no offence to any girl who is face out, power to the girl who chooses to be face out, I am sure they thought long and hard about it before doing so.

Moving on, when I have time over the next coming weeks, months, I will endeavour to write a few blogs on subjects I am repeatedly asked about, or just random thoughts that come to my mind. I’ve also decided I am going to add a Q&A with every blog so If you have any topics you are interested in or questions from an escorts point of view then drop me an email or ask me on twitter, don’t be shy I don’t usually bite.

Here are some questions you’ve been wanting to know…

Q How would you deal with a client that was getting a little too close and wanting something more?
A This is a difficult one, I am very fond of a lot of my clients and only take on a regular client, or really even see a client again if I enjoy their company, so I don’t want anyones feelings hurt. That being said, a client must understand and respect the boundaries of the escort, while we may deeply care for some of our clients, we do usually keep a very distinct line between client relationship and anything more. Though believe me, the novelty would soon wear off if you got the “real” us (think nagging, bitching, PMS’ing, the daggy nana panties, no make up, binge netflix of the kardashians *no not me personally, I’m more of a Greys Anatomy kind of girl*) so you get my drift, we ARE normal girls, boys do yourselves a favour and keep that line between your escort for your own sanity :)

Q What do you spend your money on?
A Well I may be different from a lot of escorts, I don’t know but I very rarely spend money on “handbags and shoes” (oh yeah, except that one stint away for 3 months), I actually heavily invest my money. You know, the goal of being the self made lady retired early kind of thing. But if you really must know what my “frivolous” spending is, I am 10 hours into getting my private helicopter license (PPL(H)), so if you are ever feeling generous, that is what you’re supporting :)

Q Why don’t more SW’s use condoms and dental dams for oral when STD’s can remain undetected in a person and show no symptoms?
A Whoa, loaded question but hey I did say let loose and I’d answer. Well in my experience, knowledge, and research there is a quite minimal risk of transmission from saliva for STD’s or the more serious issues such as HIV. This of course is to be said that the person doesn’t have cuts, ulcers, sores or anything else going on in their mouth or genitalia. Most STD’s are transmitted via bodily fluids, secretions and so on however there are ways to mitigate risk and make rational decisions. This could be completely covered services if the client shows any form of rash, discharge, sores etc, or even refusing the booking all together if she feels the client isn’t of satisfactory health upon inspection (obviously natural sex should NEVER occur under ANY circumstance, not only is it illegal but it is disrespectful to your own health, as well as other SW’s as we all make a stand against such

Right boys, this has gotten long enough, good morning and goodnight.

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