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I'm here for my job interview

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I was advised to show up dressed to impress. The agency said, they are a professional office and you need to be dressed accordingly. I went through my skirts and blouses, to find just the right length to show enough leg but not too much, enough cleavage but still leaning conservative. I pinned my hair up in a tight bun. This pumps are perfect, my strappy heels are too sexy plus these shoes match my outfit to the tee.

To get into the right confident mindset, I pulled out a pair of my finest French lingerie. Whilst my interviewer won't see these, it's like my super power and wearing this beautiful lacey set will give me that silent confident edge.

The brief I received is he is direct, may come across abrupt so keep my answers clear, succinct and on point. My heart started pounding when my name was called, 'have a seat in here, can i bring you some water?' Yes that'd be great, my throat was feeling dry. I took a long drink, a deep breath while whispering, 'you've got this'.

When getting dressed i made the critical error a woman wearing stockings can make. I didn't check my skirt length while sitting down. I could see in the glass reflection that my skirt was pulling up, the clip of my garter was showing and lace top of the stocking. Ohhhh shit, too late now, I wriggle my skirt down tho it's still showing, I just hope it goes unnoticed.

Enters the Executive, he is everything explained to me. I shared my experience when asked about my achievements. I noticed his eyes move towards my legs then back up as he acts intent on what i was saying. I blew it off, kept talking, he did it again, then it was obvious he was looking at me in an male interested manner. He said, is this what you'd normally wear to work? Not sure if i had blown it, I softly said yes, my confidence was quickly diminishing thinking i'm screwed. Next he asked if I would be available to work on long hour projects, what my ability to travel was. I knew things were going well when he said, "if hired you'd be required to wear a similar uniform everyday", I thought I saw his pants bulging but i couldn't be sure. If you're a high performer, you'll get a nice big bonus and other perks.

Moving his chair closer to me, his hand gently touched the lace stocking top. He said nothing but had a devilish look in his eye. I admit I was excited, I was attracted to him, my pussy felt tingly, my breathing intensified. Whether it was his power, wanting the job or attraction, I wasn't sure. He regained his composure, saying they'd be making a decision shortly. Then excused himself. Talk about feeling left high and dry.

A few days passed, then I received an invite for dinner, asking if i'd wear the same skirt as my interview. Under the table he hand gripped my thigh as he drank from his wine glass, saying how badly he wanted to do this in the office. He said I was over qualified for the position, but he'd like to have me in several other positions outside of work hours including away trips, which i'd be provided with a healthy package, which I happily accepted. Might I add, the big package is double fold! That's my bonus.

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