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Why I do what I do.

The conversation is flowing just as much as the champagne; we are hitting it off. It is hard not to start asking more personal questions like one would on a regular intimate date.
“So.. I’m intrigued.. How did you get into this business... Why do you do what you do?”
A pretty straightforward question for most people, but being a sex worker that question can be a bit sensitive, particularly someone you’ve only just met moments before. Me, personally, I always say “Oh, I just fell into it really..” “I’m very lucky” Then I move the conversation elsewhere; it's not that I feel it is an insensitive or nosy question. Usually, I would rather the focus of the discussion to be on my lovely dinner companion.

So, that begs the question, why, or perhaps how did I come to be a sex worker? To be honest, it isn’t something that ever crossed my mind a few years before, ridiculous as it sounds I never thought it was something one could be. I moved to Canada at the end of 2014 and somehow ended up in Montreal. Somewhere I didn’t know much about, I speak French so assumed I would be set. I have lots of experience in various jobs, including being a public servant in Admin. I didn’t expect that it would be difficult to get a job. I met a girl one night who was a student. She lived alone in a lovely downtown apartment, and I could tell she was quite well off from her designer handbag and clothes. Later in the night, she confided in me that she worked part time as a sex worker for a prestigious high-end agency for ladies who eventually wish to be independent. Well, I contacted the owner, and we met over lunch, she was incredibly impressed with my personality and conversation. The rest is history. I am very happy I started by learning from the best in the industry. I have found it a bit different working here in Australia but am very thankful for my beloved regular clients who make every week such a pleasure.

I can say, I absolutely love escorting. I think it shows too in my interactions with clients. I am quite a social person and relish opportunities to meet new people. I have had some unforgettable experiences and feel like I have grown and developed more as a person too. It is a beautiful thing to be introduced to different ideas and to have contact with people that I ordinarily would not have. I have a unique ability to be able to get along with everyone I meet. I possess all the positive qualities of a social chameleon. I believe each person has a story to tell and that they should be able to tell it. I think that’s why I eventually started studying psychology too, it seems the most natural thing for me, to listen to people and help them make sense of their story. Hopefully having a positive impact on their lives.

I am incredibly excited for the future, and for the path I am now on. Thank-you for reading and please stay tuned for exciting things to come.


Poppy xx

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