escort diary of Poppy Valmai

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There was a refreshing breeze this mid-summer evening, and I could feel my sheer flowing summer dress flutter and stick against my bronzed skin. I took my sandals off as I love feeling the cool grass between my toes, then letting my feet sink into the warm sand that the sun had been caressing all day. It was mid-February and the nights were spectacularly hot and one could almost hear a buzz in the air, a summer buzz you could say, people were making the most of the last few weeks before the threat of the cooler autumn nights. A and I had decided to have a picnic by the sea. He had been away all week I was particularly eager to see him. I playfully bit my lip and twisted my sapphire ring, like I always do when I’m excited or anxious. I sensed him approach from behind and felt a familiar flutter low in my stomach. As he wrapped his arms around my waist, I tilted my head to the side so he could taste the salty air on my neck.

We found a secluded spot on the sand dunes. Just as I began setting up our picnic rug on the sand, there was a slight gust of breeze which blew my dress up over my back. I quite enjoyed the cool breeze caressing my backside; I gave it a quick wiggle to make sure A noticed what was underneath. He chuckled slightly and pulled me down on the rug. He knows how much I enjoy having dessert first.

With the sound of the waves gently caressing the shore, we gave in to our urges and couldn’t help but lose ourselves in the moment, with the stars and the moon as our only witness.

P xx

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