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My alarm wakes me at 6.30 am, it's Monday morning. I'm a little sad as I was having a steamy dream about A. I think I had been touching myself in my sleep again, I vividly remember climaxing, or maybe I had just been recalling a memory from a booking I had yesterday. I lazily reach for my yoga pants and crop top, there's nothing like a hard workout early in the morning. It is such a beautiful morning, although it seems that only myself and the birds bear witness to it. This is my favourite time of day as everything is still and peaceful; the sky is slowly being woken by the first rays of sunlight. Yoga class is quite challenging this morning, it was almost like a pilates class. I think my poor little muscles will be feeling it tomorrow...

Walking home I mull over the things I need to do today. It's the first day of classes and admittedly going back to university seems very daunting, particularly since I'll be studying a science based degree this time.

I can't seem to concentrate in my first lecture, it's chemistry. I feel as if I'm studying a new language again. It doesn't take me long and I'm fantasizing about my last meeting with A.

I met him at his house. It was quite a cold evening I remember, I could feel my nipples harden against the tight fabric of my new black bandage dress. I wasn't wearing a bra, or panties for that matter, just suspenders and silk stockings. I smiled coyly as I thought how much this will drive A wild. I tightened the belt on my coat as I eagerly approached the door. Maybe I shouldn't have worn a dress either, I thought in retrospect. He buzzes me in and I am met with his familiar strong presence at the top of the stairs. I love this part. As I walked up the stairs the air is thick with anticipation, I take off my coat and feel him looking me up and down. We lock eye contact and I bite my lip, I think his crotch swelled a little. As I reach the top he grabs me by my waist and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. He was definitely hard. Giving my bum a tight squeeze his fingers gently brush underneath my dress. I blushed as he noticed my wetness. I've barely walked in the door and he has already scooped me up and takes me towards the bedroom.

My mind is brought abruptly back to class as students are getting up to leave. I have butterflies in my stomach, and I'm really turned on. Somehow I don't think that's a normal result of a chemistry lecture.

P xx

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