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Chloe Chase's Interview (Part One)

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A short time ago, I was approached by John James of to be interviewed for his blog.
I've always found the idea of being interviewed for this line of work interesting. I use italics to emphasis the word because it's all I can think to describe it. Why? Because it's not an interview with me. Not really. It's an interview with 'Chloe' and she is only one part of me and so the idea of being interviewed - which is essentially an exercise to get to know the subject of said interview better - in my alter egos skin is like I said, interesting.

But as I've grown to become 'Chloe' I've realised that she's as much me as I am her and whilst my real name is different (shock! horror!) I don't differ from the persona I show myself as when I meet clients, or when I use social media. I'm no different. If anything I'm much more brave or confident but the core values remain the same.

I thought that an interview would help you (whoever you are) to get to know me better than my biography might allow, or whatever moaning or praising I'm doing on Twitter (depending on my mood, let's be realistic) and whatever you can determine from my blurred face pictures might allow you to do. So you'll find it below... Here's hoping it's not too terrible ;)

Please visit to read more interviews with escorts and porn stars worldwide. (I had a blast answering these questions, so thank you for asking me to be a part of your blog, JJ). If anyone else has anything interesting for me to take part in like this, then please contact me via email...
Hope that you enjoy...


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing another of Australia's most beautiful women. She's one of the highest quality escorts on the planet. She's the very sexy Chloe Chase.

JJ: Welcome to Inside the Porn, it's always a good day when I'm having the pleasure of interviewing one of Australia's finest.
What got you into the adult industry?
Chloe: I remember reading an article, cutting it out actually - when I was about 16, and it was from a magazine about this jet-set escort. She sounded so glamorous and well traveled and I wanted to be both these things. Her job was her choice and she was obviously empowered by it and quite entrepreneurial, which I guess made me realise there wasn't just a seedy side to the adult industry which is how it had appeared to me until then. I think the sexual deviant in me piqued interest knowing that I could have my cake and eat it too. There was a lifestyle that it offered me, so I set out with the goal to be just like this woman... it didn't start out that way. I remember the first agency I walked into was a whole different ball game, literally and figuratively... but over time I've begun working for myself and that article I cut out years ago and folded away isn't far from who I am now.

JJ: I am impressed that an article could inspire you so much and that you had the drive and ambition to seek out that lifestyle. What's the best thing about the industry?
Chloe: I know a lot of people don't believe this when they hear it but it's the choice. For me. I choose to be in this industry, I choose to meet my clients. I get to know people on a different level to the way you meet people on the street or on a date. They show a more honest side of themselves when no one has to 'be' anyone particular or worry about games. The sex is a bonus, or perk. So are my nipples haha.

JJ: Well it has to be said you do have very impressive nipples haha. What's the worst thing about the industry?
Chloe: The instability of it all can be a bit stressful at times. Especially if you're managing yourself and a tour doesn't go according to plan or you aren't feeling well. It can be a lot of hard work in that sense and people don't seem to appreciate that often.

JJ: I think it's a very difficult job at time when you're working for yourself. I always thing the good times outweigh the bad. What's the funniest thing to happen whilst working?
Chloe: I walked into a booking for a threesome that the girl I worked with at the time had organised, the client we were meant to see was my second cousin. Needless to say we've not spoken about it at any family reunions.

JJ: Hahaha that's funny. Must have been a very awkward situation. What are you doing now work wise?
Chloe: Escorting. - I'm happy with everything about my place in the industry right now so I don't see it changing any time soon.

JJ: It's great to hear that you have found your place in the industry and you're happy with it. Where is the best place for people follow you online?
Chloe: I'm most active on twitter ( but I'm also pretty terrible at updating at times and when I do I can be quite a ruthless author of 140 characters so it can be quite hilarious or offensive. I apologise for nothing.

JJ: Getting the real you through Twitter is something people will appreciate. Good or bad. What's the best thing about sex?
Chloe: When there's a connection. Humans are animalistic, sure but we need to have a common ground to let ourselves get lost in the other person and striking up a connection is a sure fire way to amplify whatever happens in the bedroom. It makes the standard touch leave you a bit breathless and changes the whole scene. Everything plays out so naturally that you are never thinking ahead, just getting caught up in it all. I love that.

JJ: That's possibly my most favourite answer to that question ever. What are your biggest turn ons?
Chloe: My neck. Good kissers. The right kind of rough. Though, that's something you need to be comfortable to explore.

JJ: The make or break question for my interviews, What's your favourite movie?
Chloe: Too many genres to pick one. Plus I never could decide if I liked the original or the sequel of Home Alone more.

JJ: The Home Alone films are classics so that's a big tick in your column haha. Whats your favourite holiday destination?
Chloe: I love Thailand. I love London. But there's so many places I am dying to explore and haven't yet. Traveling is my main passion in life. If I start talking about it now I'll never shutup.

JJ: It's great to see someone's passion. Just remember your next trip to London I owe you a drink. Tell me one thing about yourself that people would never know by looking at you?
Chloe: For the job I do, I'm very private and introverted person. I can converse with just about anyone and I'm confident but I have a very reserved side and I keep my job majority of the time on a need-to-know basis with people I meet outside of it.

JJ: What's been your biggest achievement in life or work?
Chloe: Happiness. That shit is hard to come by.


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