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Persephone Sins - In regards to my screening policies

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Time and time again, I have noticed a particular behaviour from potential clients. I have been called rude, bossy and a bitch by many clients simply for explaining my screening policy. This is not just a once off. This is a regular occurrence by many men who approach me. Despite the fact I have a strict screening policy... I am approached by clients constantly who want to bypass it.

I have a strict screening policy, Probably one of the strictest in Australia. Not many other workers screen like I do. For one reason or another. So you might ask, Why do I screen my clients if other working girls don't need to? Because I have a family, pets and a home I need to go home to. I have loving pets and a disabled mother that need me to come home. They need me to be safe so I can continue to work and to be physically and mentally able to be myself when I am home.

I have always had strict policies, since day one of escorting. I have loosened it a few times for clients who didn't want to be screened... and guess what? The 3 times I have, I have been disrespected, assaulted and had my boundaries pushed. You might say this is bad luck on my part, I am not about that life. When I got into sex work, I wanted to enjoy my work to the fullest extent. It was not originally about money. It was me living out my fantasy and going on a hedonistic sexual adventure.

I want to be respected and treated with dignity by my clients. I want to feel comfortable and find solstice in the fact that I know the person I am spending time with and they are extremely unlikely to want to hurt me. Which, when I have screened my clients properly. That has always been the case. I feel way more comfortable and delighted when clients follow my rules.

You may feel uncomfortable in being screened, I totally get that. You are more than welcome to do your research on me. I am verified on P411, which requires me to be ID verified and have plentiful online reviews. I am also well reviewed on scarlet blue and I have verification photos and I have a very public online presence. If the policies I still has you concerned you after the research please keep reading.

When you provide your screening details, It is only seen by me. It is hidden in an email account with a very strong password and 2-factor security. Upon the completion of a booking, That information is deleted and you are placed on my permanent whitelist. I do not keep any information other than your name, email and phone number. If you do not wish to be whitelisted, I can remove you from this. However, you will need to be screened again if you wish to see me on another occasion.

Now, As a reward for going through my screening and staying whitelisted, I will offer P411 okays and I will offer references to clients who passed my screening to other escorts for 1 year after our booking. This will help you make bookings in the future with international girls or girls who screen like I do.

I hope this clears up any concerns and questions about my screening process.

Thank you for reading,
Persephone Sins

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