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Hi team just a little rant as ive had this non sense happening for the last couple of weeks as its increasing quickly i thought ill stomp on it right now..

As a escort or client we all know the process, see the girl you wish to book online, make booking via txt or call, spend time with gorgeous woman, then leave happily and if shes good you write a review.

But lately ive had triple the amount of timewasters.. 50 clients on monday booking when im not working.. double increase in spam... and 50 calls on my days off.

I shouldnt have to explain the booking procedure on here as i see alot of SW reminding clients how to do so. Receiving txts instead of 50calls makes it easier to manage as i cant talk about sex that many times in public places, and please book on the days im actually working or prebook with deposits as i tend to not tour if i dont have the right amount of requests for that day.

To all you spammers and timewasters..
I do security checks i usually throw your crap to the side but from now on im going to waste your time as you enjoyed wasting mine.
If i get dressed up just for you and im left waiting in my beautiful heels and amazing dress i will phone bomb you... i will call you... and i will txt you... over and over .. as this is not only annoying and a invasion of privacy towards you, you will take a step into my shoes for once.

If you wish to change your mind or cannot appear to a booking just a simple "sorry babe" is best and we can rebook another time.
Please be considerate and make it easy for the both of us..

Usually i will post the days that i tend to work online or on the site when days change to help clients find out what days ill be working that week.
Its also overwhelming to me how so many clients have either kept the number and phoned when they wanted and dont book or txt and call my workphone when im not working that day..
If its not a prebooking then there is no point in contacting me from now on on these days so please read the days im actually working, read my rates properly then book the time youll wish to see me.
I love spending my spare time with family and friends so please consider this factor as i cant wait for bookings that decide to not turn up.

Im a easy going person and love the company of amazing and polite men and woman but something had to be said

Love you all

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