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Why shorter bookings are off the menu

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So I have recently come back into the industry after a extended sabbatical and I’m surprised in the change of my relationship to the industry and my clients.

When I was escorting during university it was just a way to get by and even though I had some amazing clients whom I developed strong connections with, I didn't see the value in the relationships I formed. The value it gave to both their life and to mine.

Coming back into it this time I came with the mind of a business woman. I know my goals. I know the benefits of the financial and lifestyle freedom it affords me. I know it will get me further ahead in life, quicker than another job I know but more than that… I know I have so much to learn and so many incredible experiences to enjoy from the wonderful, beautiful men I am fortunate enough to meet. And god! do I really mean that with every inch of my being!!!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and think wow am I really getting paid for this?! I cant put my finger on what it is but I honestly meet the best clientele. Men who blow my mind, body and soul. I guess I would like to think that its because I am a good person. I try to continuously put good energy out into the universe and maybe this is how I receive it back? Possibly its my location, photos or price point? Maybe I am just lucky haha, who knows! All that I know is that I am a sponge and I am drawing so much energy, strength and knowledge from each and every one and hopefully returning that ten fold.

This is why I have decided that half hour bookings really don’t suit me or the genuine experience I am trying to provide. I love to have a connection with someone. I love to talk, have a drink and a laugh. Find common ground and interests and just let the mental and physical connection develop. Fair enough sometimes you might just want to get the job done and get back to life but trust me sex is so much more intense, empowering and fulfilling when you have a connection with someone. I want to enjoy you and I really want you to enjoy me. That is the only sex I want to have from now on. Sex and memories that linger and leave a small trace of each other for some time to come.

If you are willing to put in a little extra time, even if thats just half an hour you will reap the rewards between the sheets.

Olivia xx

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